Thursday’s Food for Thought

Tbug and I were driving down the road one day. She’s constantly telling me this that and everything else. It’s a joke with my dad that it is payback for the years I spent talking his leg off about everything under the sun.

Anyway we drove past a corn field and she proceeded to tell me something that my Mother in law told her. Now I was not involved in the conversation where my mother in law is concerned, I just got the story relayed to me by Tbug. But supposedly my MIL said that a farmer plants the outside rows of corn for people to come by and take as they please.

I’m pretty sure I had to pick my jaw up off the ground. Then proceeded to tell Tbug that is not the case. Farmers aren’t out to give away free food. They are out to make food for consumers that is good quality to feed the masses. That farmer also makes a living off his crop, whether it be a crop of corn, soybeans (pictured above), dairy or cattle.


Chicken Parmesan Soup

The trees have started changing colors here in Southeast Kansas. Wait, what? Southeast Kansas, but don’t I live in Southwest Missouri. Why yes, yes I do! But I drive over to Kansas for school and that is where I happen to be sitting currently. Waiting to take a quiz as a matter of fact. 50 points. Wish me luck! Yesterday cooled off. I do believe Fall might be here. Abug and I went to my mom’s house so that I could study and mom could help by watching Abug (Thank you mom, you’re so awesome!). They were going to the store and I asked my mom if she knew what they were going to have for dinner. She said no and I showed her this recipe I found for Chicken Parmesan Soup. We thought that sounded good so she got the stuff and I made it before I left her house to go home. We split it up and that was enough for both of our families to have dinner. And boy was it good!


Crying doesn’t help

I know I’ve mentioned before that I have the timehop app. Well a couple weeks ago a post that I posted like 4 years ago on facebook came across my screen. It was something to do with Some days the bear eats you and some days the bear shits on you. I giggled because I thought, wow I must have been having a bad day. Then yesterday hit and I felt that way all over again.

I’m a firm believer in not airing your dirty laundry on social media and so no I’m not going into details… I just needed to type because sometimes it does get it out of your system and make you feel better.

Now I know I’m being vague and sometimes I get annoyed, especially on facebook, when people say pray for me or them or us or we or whatever, you know what I’m saying and that’s all the details they give you. I just want to go, well am I praying that you get a new job, money, a car, your fingernails to grown an inch, what exactly am I praying for here people. At least give some details, right? And truthfully I could do that same thing with this, the thing is I don’t know what I want someone to pray for for me about anyway so I guess there’s that conundrum.

Let’s just put it this way, Baby girl is okay, Tbug is okay, hubby is okay, I am okay, my family is okay, it’s just something that happens and frustrates you and you want to go WHAT? but then life moves on.

My dad quoted my neighbor last night and said, “Deification occureth.” Didn’t make me feel any better but he’s right. I do have to wonder if I’m being punished for something. And there I go again making you think huh? But just know that “Deification occureth” and smile. Maybe your smile will rub off on me :).

Oh and I found one of the problems with me… I cry. I get happy I cry, sad I cry, mad I cry, irritated I cry. Yup… but I’ve never thought of myself as a crier… although I should really have that checked out.


Are you jealous? Be jealous!

As we’re approaching lunch time, isn’t it a good time to blog about food? I think so :). And it’s my blog after all so that’s what I’m going to do. I really think this weekend evolved or maybe that’s revolved around food. You be the judge :).

Friday night after hubby loaded the trailer with hay, we decided to run into town to go to dinner. I really wanted Italian and there’s a new Italian restaurant so we decided to check it out. It’s a good thing we did! Vito’s Italian Restaurant.

Since they are a new restaurant they are still ironing out the hitches… Our waiter forgot to bring us bread, but the hostess fixed that quickly. Our server had quite a few tables too so no big deal. The bread was good. I agree with hubby it would have been nice to have oil to dip it in, but the bread was very good. Oh and it was good dipped in the cream sauce from my entrée.

Speaking of my entrée, here’s what I had. I can’t remember what it was called but it was fantabulous. Yes I said fantabulous. It was ham and black olives sautéed with tortellini in a cream sauce with a touch of red sauce. Oh wow. And Abug even ate this up.


Buzz’s BBQ – Nevada, MO (plus hotel & Chiefs game)

I ate BBQ two days in a row. That never happens! But Saturday night we were headed toward Kansas City for the Chiefs game the next day and decided to stop for dinner in Nevada at Buzz’s BBQ.

There were 9 of us so we had to wait a few minutes to get a table. I took the opportunity to take pictures of some of the decor… and you know, freak out the people I was with. ha! At one point they thought I was taking a picture out the window, instead I took the picture above. haha. What can I say….



The other night I was sitting in the house doing homework. Between reading and studying I was about to go nuts. Hubby had taken Abug outside with him, so I snuck outside to see what they were up to; that’s when I heard the tractor running. We lucked out, some really good friends of ours brought us their tractor over (plus mower, second tractor and baler, Thank you Jared & Karen!) to do some fall haying. Our mower is broken (again).

I looked out in the field where the tractor noise was coming from and they were moving the other bales off the field from the summer cutting.


Boones BBQ Barn – Bolivar, MO

While I’m trying to get the words exactly right for a post on what I did last Friday (It was a fabulous day!) let’s start with where we ate and what I ate. I mean truthfully, food sometimes is a draw, right? We always joke with our Scuba Diving crew, if there’s food, they will come… Well… there might be some truth there.

Friday lead me to Bolivar, Missouri, to tour the local farming community with Missouri Women Bloggers and Missouri Farm Bureau. Rebecca from the MO Farm Bureau contacted us about touring local farms in Southwest Missouri. While we were out she chose a place for us to eat lunch, which happened to be Boones BBQ Barn in Bolivar. Then a special thanks to David Cribbs for contacting Bank of Bolivar to host us for lunch (a special thanks to them for buying our lunch! That was extremely nice and truly unexpected! Thank you!). And what better place to eat for a Farm Tour than at a BBQ Joint! Can I get an Amen?


Dad’s Birthday

My dad’s birthday was Friday. Does it seems sad that all I have are stories and pictures of food? Just a thought….

Yup, dad’s birthday was Friday. Dad had to work. Hubby had to work. And if you want to call what I was doing work, I did too… although I don’t. More on that to come!

Anyway I made plans to get Tbug so she could be there for dad’s birthday dinner. Turns out her mom and {step}dad were eating at the same place we were, Texas Roadhouse, so she just road there with them and I went and got her from inside the restaurant. hehe. Hey don’t knock it, she got to see grandpa on his birthday and that’s what matters.

Abug had stayed with mom on Friday since I had prior plans for the days adventures so she rode over to the restaurant with grandma, grandpa and Grandma J (great grandma). They were there when we got there. I ran in and got Tbug and we were all present and accounted for :).

They had a guy dressed up as an armadillo, he walked up and stood right next to Tbug and scared her. It was funny and cute.

Our number was called and we went in. Mom gave dad his birthday present right then (ours wasn’t here yet to give him so he’s still waiting). It was a photo frame to hang Tbug’s showing picture on the wall with the rest of them. The only thing he’s really said he wanted. Plus he got a new book, but I don’t know which one. I then ran the stuff out to the truck for them so we didn’t have to sit with it at the table all through dinner.

Next, it was time to eat!

Bread and cinnamon butter. What more could you ask for. really? I mean couldn’t you just make a meal out of that? I guess if not, I can still answer, I can.


FarmFest, Friday’s & a Public Service Announcement

You know… the other day I thought I was one step closer to being famous so I could be on Dancing with the Stars. I don’t really want to be famous, I just really want to be on Dancing with the Stars. Sadly I walked into my comps study group the other day and learned that a guy I had at least 2 classes with didn’t know what my name was. So does that cancel out one person recognizing me in public based off of my blog?  Just a thought/question….

I briefly mentioned in passing that we went to FarmFest on Sunday. Dad was telling us that he went to the first one and it has greatly changed in the last 30 years. While at FarmFest we found Abug new boots. She finally got a pair of Square Toed Boots. Square toed boots became popular when I was in college (the bachelor’s degree round). I SWORE I’d never wear them, they were hideous, etc etc. Now that’s pretty much all I own. We’ve learned on many occasions I like the taste of crow I guess.

Ok this picture… someone has major talent. I can’t even draw a smiley face. My great grandpa came to this country from Greece as an artist and I can’t even draw a smiley face.