Did Someone Say Wednesday?

I know, I know, it’s Thursday, but it wasn’t Thursday on Wednesday… or something like that 🙂

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On Wednesday when we woke up, we thought we’d hop the City bus and head to Pearl Harbor.  Instead, we grabbed a cab down at the hotel lobby, THAT was one expensive cab ride!  The cab driver I still really think was taking advantage of us! but I can’t prove it :(.

We hopped on the H1 and headed to Pearl Harbor.


Good Eats!!!

So let’s start knocking the restaurants off the 101 in 1001 list…

1.  Risky’s Steakhouse located in Old Ft. Worth at the Stockyards.  OMG you want an excellent steak… definitely go show this place some Love!!!!! (November 26th, 2010)

2.  Instant Karma Gourmet Hot Dogs located in Downtown Joplin, MO.  Ok so I actually had plans that night so all I had were their cheese fries and a bite of the husband’s Hotdog.  I really wasn’t impressed with either, but I may have to go back and try again, just for good measures. (February 12, 2011)

3.  A&Q Chicken House located in Fayetteville, AR.  They also have a location in Springdale, AR, but we were at the VA hospital for my husband and the one in Fayetteville is just down the road from the VA Hospital.  You want good chicken, this is the place to get it!  I had Chicken Quesadilla’s and my husband had a Chicken Sampler Platter that had pan fried, Over the coals & BBQ.  The Over the Coals was the absolute best!  Oh My Goodness!  And then top that with their excellent rolls.  You’ll think you died and went to Chicken Heaven! (February 15, 2011)