Chapter 3 Nutrition Test – Wanna Study with me?

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Yes I’m a nerd, It’s ok… I’ve learned to deal with it!
Order of Digestion
1.      1. Mouth (food)
a.       Bolus – swallowed food
2.       2. Epiglottis
3.       3.Esophogus – Allows the bolus to pass through your diaphragm
a.       Cardiac or Esoph sphincter (same thing)
4.        4.Stomach – Goblet cells that protect the lining (secrete Mucus
a.       Strongest muscle in digestion
b.      (chyme) = bolus + gastic juice (acidic)
c.       Pyloric Sphincter
5.        5. Small Intestine (duodenum, jejunum, ileum) {other muscular action – peristalsis & segmentation}
a.       Ileocecal Valve
6.        6. Large Intestine
7.       7. Rectum
a.       Anus
A sphincter allows the passage of food
  4 Sphincters
o   Cardiac or Esoph Sphincter
o   Pyloric Sphincter
o   Ileocecal Valve
o   Anus
Indigestion – force – Sometimes a malfunction
Muscular Actions
Stomach – strongest
Small intestine
  Peristal sisirings & muscles –> move something through the system
o   Tighten & relax –> at times there is momentary reversal
o   “moves”
o   “break up” Chyme
–> example: Snake eating an egg – move through peristalisi no longer looks like egg is segmentation
1.        Saliva – H20; Na; Enzymes – Amylase (starts break down of carbs)
2.       Gastric Juice – Digestive
a.       Secretion in stomach
b.      HCl Acid
c.       Whether something is present in the stomach or not the stomach will be acidic
3.       Pancreatic Juice
a.       Bicarbonate that neutralizes chyme – present in small intestine b/c chyme coming out of stomach is acidic.  Used to help neutralize.
4.        Bile – emulsifies fat
a.       Made in the liver, stored in the gallbladder.
b.      Emulsify the fat so enzymes can break it down
c.       Enzymes break down fat
Bolis –> Stomach –> HCl released
Acidic Chyme –> Small intestine –> Pancreatic Juice
Fat –> Small Intestine –> Bile
Intestinal Fluera (bacteria) – is the bacteria that protects the intestines so absorption can take place
Vitamins + Minerals are absorbed as is
Fiber is not absorbed (fiber carries cholesterol out of your system)*  — {can cause constipation}
(Corn is good and good for you for this reason)
Absorption happens in the small intestine
Small Intestine –> to liver by way of Hapadic Portal Vein
          When it leaves small intestine it goes to the lymph or directly to blood.  Lymph gets large fat molecules & fat soluble minerals (A, D, E, K).  Blood gets water soluble vitamins & everything else.
Function of the rectum – store waste materials prior to evaculation.
Pancreatic juice + chyme together = neutral
Water, bacteria, fiber are present in the stool.
Average length of Small Intestine 10’.  {between basketball rim & floor}
Surface area of the small intestine is length of 25 yards (1-quarter of a football field)

**Now remember in studying that if Liver is an option on this test, it is the answer no matter what!**
**Also know that Question #10 the answer is C**

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  3. I am pretty sure HickChick has it wrong, it's not Beavis and Butthead, it's Wayne and Garth. Now who's the dork? Good luck!

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