10 Years Later

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It’s still hard to believe that 10 years ago May I/we graduated from high school!  Seriously?  And as I told you the other day, one of the guys, really hasn’t grown up… but after a couple people called him out on our facebook page, well then his tune changed a bit.  He tried to talk nicely and joke around with people.  I still think a lot ignored/avoided him though.  He didn’t change his mind and show up to the reunion though, which I think might have been a good thing… I don’t know and I guess we’ll never know, but either way our reunion came and went.

Pokey & Aerielle asked if we wanted to go up with them and we said sure.  Earlier on Saturday I sent Earl (Aerielle) a message and asked her what time they were picking us up, this is how the text convo went….

Me: What time you guys gonna be by tonight?
Earl: I’m thinking like 5:15ish
Me: Ok 5:30 it is 😉
Me: j/k we’ll be ready
Earl: Uh huh, we’ll prolly be waiting on PC!
Me: Yeah it’ll take him at least 2 hrs to do his hair 😉
Earl: Then buff his nails…….
Me: Mani/pedi 🙂
Earl: Then polish his shoes……
Me: Starch his jeans
Earl: Then change shirts 10 times
Me: Then storm outta the closet, “I’m not going, I’m fat!!!!”
Earl: Hahahahahaha I was struggling with my next comment and you just put the icing on!!!
Me: Then put on the sweat pants and catch up on some correspondence.
Me: Finally 2 mins before it’s time to go, he’ll get ready.

Then hubs starts texting Earl and giving her fits while he’s getting on to me too for our story 😉

Earl: Hehehe I’m getting in trouble from him 🙁
Me: Me too 🙁
Earl: Let’s go to the corner 🙁
Me: Time out for us……

Like our story 🙂

I guess I must admit that not to long after that I felt like a failure, fat, any other thing you could possibly thing negative about yourself and decided I wasn’t going.  Hubs told me he was dragging me there by my teeth if he had to, but I WAS going.  And then while getting ready I stormed out of the closet with a big pouty face, said I had nothing to wear, I was fat, and I wasn’t going.  He rolled his eyes at me and I cracked up laughing, although truth be told… I kind of wasn’t lying!!

The reunion was from 6-9pm.  There was music, an open cash bar, dinner, and the best part…

25 of our graduates were hypnotized at Project graduation… I was one of them.  I finally got to see all the crazy things we got conned into doing like the person next to us smelled good, in fact 2 of the people almost looked like they were making out… we were “naked”, the person next to us “stunk”, we got to dance, we lost our belly buttons… all kinds of crazy things.  I always heard about it but never got to see the video until Saturday night.

The 25 of us who were actually hypnotized kept getting asked if we were embarrassed by the video and things we did.  We all just laughed and said, no not really.  It was hilarious!

Unfortunately they didn’t hire a photographer (maybe not needed, but would have been kind of cool) and I didn’t take my camera, but one of the girls toward the end of the evening grabbed her camera and went around taking pictures of this event.  I stole the accompanying photos off her facebook site 🙂

Ashley, Aerielle, Crystal, Me (I look like a friggin giant), Hubs


Marty, Hubs & Earl

Taria, Keith, Michelle, Shawn – These 2 used to be my bestestest friends from 5th grade through high school, around Junior year we parted ways though.  They went on to marry brothers.

Jordan & his girlfriend

Mandy, Ashley, Jared, Jake

Jordan (yes he’s in a kilt, there’s one in every crowd), Kirby

Cherie & her husband


April, Ashley, Kristian & Marty

Here we’re all watching the hypnotist.

Heather’s boyfriend, Heather, Ashley, Allison & John

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  1. My ten-year was last year – we didn't even have a reunion! How sad is that! Luckily enough, I'm still good friends with most of my high school gang, and the ones I didn't like back then…well, I still don't care to see them. 😉

    Loved the Friends reference – from my favourite episode!!! LOL

  2. Okay…you are not fat. Knock that off!!! Yeesh.

    I got hypnotized in high school. We hoola danced, had ants in our pants, had to pee but were glued to our seats, some of the guys had jock itch. Haha. Then three of us were picked as celebrity singers. Yeah I was one of the three. Totally funny. What made it really funny is the following Monday, a popular girl said to her friend she knew I was hypnotized because she knew me, and she knew I would never act like that. She didn't know me at all. It was hilarious.

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