I could be a Nutritionist & Other random musings.

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So did you know that anyone can claim to be a “nutritionist”?


Apparently, that’s true, anyway, that’s what we learned in my nutrition class Wednesday night.

If you or I wanted to write an article claiming to lose {X number of pounds} by doing the {insert your favorite food here} diet and we could get {insert your favorite magazine here} to publish it and we signed it

our name, nutritionist,

that isn’t faulty advertising.

So basically you need to take their advice with a grain of salt and do some research of your own.  For some, heck it might even like it did for them, but in all actuality, you need to follow the words of a Registered Dietitian (Dietician is another acceptable spelling) or RD.

Okay so I have apparently learned something in my Nutrition class 🙂  And I really just thought I would pass it along to you as well.  It may be useless trivia or else, it might be the Million Dollar question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, in that case, I take checks payable to me :).  You don’t even have to give it all to me, just a small portion will do nicely. ha!

Another interesting fact I learned Wednesday night was that nurses have to take at least a lower level nutrition class, anyway at the school I’m attending I can’t speak for all the universities, but doctors or med students aren’t required to.  Some do go ahead and take them, but they aren’t a requirement for their degree.

I dunno, I thought it was interesting information.  And I’m not making this up… I’m passing along the words from our teacher (who is a RD, btw), but if she made them up… well…. ha 🙂 just kidding… I think!

We also learned how to calculate up Calories (also referred to as kcal’s) and how to read a nutrition label.  If you’d like, I can share how to do that with you, it’s quite interesting!  Just lemme know, k :).


So maybe the real question on your mind is… How did the A&P test go?


I wish I had an answer to that question…  I do know I got all the 11 body systems because I had 10 and couldn’t remember 1 so I searched the test for the one I was missing and found it!  Score!!  Our teacher gives extra credit points {5-10} she wasn’t sure how many but we get extra credit points for not missing a class between test… so it starts over after every test.  I can’t wait to see what I actually got…

So I’m gonna go and try to get this super glue off my hands/fingers.  Last night I glued stones to my toenails after I got home from taking my test.  Apparently, I had nothing better to do because sleep is overrated??  In this picture, though it looks a lot like glitter nail polish but it isn’t, it’s little rhinestones. (don’t look at my poor right toe, the door at school cut it over a week ago.)

Ok this is getting long and I have on my old glasses and they’re screwing with my eyes, I fell in the closet last night b/c they screwed with my eyes so much so I’m going to get off here, go find my contacts and start thinking about getting ready to head to work, eventually!  Hope y’all have a great 3 day weekend (that is if you get one!)

7 thoughts on “I could be a Nutritionist & Other random musings.

  1. Wow! I can't believe that fact about being a “nutritionist”! Very interesting! Isn't the calories usually calculated on most products anyways? Or is that not right?

  2. Sounds like you're learning interesting stuff…or maybe I'm only interested because of the diet I'm on right now?? haha…Very cool!!

  3. BTW after a couple years of comparative anatomy,I can tell you this, first it was my fav, and second , once you “get” what the part/system is ,and what it does, the how it works just comes together nicely . So A&P might start a little rough and slow , but all of a sudden its like “Oh I see!”

  4. Yep! A cat could be a nutritionist! My mom used to work in a hospital with the dieticians who planned the meals for the patients. Yeah, they spent years learning about the science behind food. And if you want to know about your medications…talk to your PHARMACIST. They know their stuff. And your nurses, they know great stuff.

    Love your toes. 🙂

  5. Love those stones! So cute! I had to take a nutrition class way back in the beginning of nursing school…and I've totally forgotten all about it. Hahahaha.

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