Sometimes things happen for a reason

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Sometimes life throws you curve balls, I’m sure we’ve all experienced at least one! Well mine gave me the opportunity to go back to school Fall 2013. It’s been quite the road trip and I swear I walk away feeling like the problem child more often than not.

  • I don’t have a degree in English yet I’m pursing my Master’s in English – Technical and Professional writing. 
  • I had to take extra classes that my first degree didn’t require so I didn’t have a full Master’s load of classes last spring. Why does that make me the problem child you ask? Well at the semester in which you’ll complete 27 hours you take your first round of Comps. Yeah so… at the end of this semester I’ll be at 24 hours so I don’t take comps this spring, so either I have to take a summer class and comps or wait and take them in the fall when I’ll basically be done with classes at the end… or technically I’ll need one class the following spring. See the conundrum?
  • The degree program I’m going after they did away with. There’s one gal who is ahead of me in classes and then there’s me. We’re the last two pursuing this degree, but she’s ahead of me when the class was offered so they know what to do with her, they sometimes scratch their head with me.
  • Literature isn’t where my heart is so it’s extremely painful sometimes reading poems like Beowulf and The Rape of the Lock. I like to read but I’m more of a contemporary reader. I want to read something about Photography or a good romance novel or a Stephanie Plum novel or even just some fast read that is a current seller.

And the list goes on and on. But I don’t want to give up. I’m pursuing my degree hot and heavy. I’m scared a lot. I feel out of my league a lot. I want to cry sometimes. But it’s all good. It’s making me grow, right? please someone comfort me and tell me that this is making me grow :).

I’m a member of a Women’s organization, PEO and every day (most every day anyway) I get an email from our president with words of well wishing or quotes. Today’s quote really applies to me and made me smile:

While driving along the road to success resist the urge to exit simply because you see a really great parking space!

Exactly, just keep plugging away! Be the little tug boat or the engine that could!

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