Uh Oh! What's She Thinking?!?!

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If you were in my brain today you’d see a lot of jumbly goop, which includes but not limited to:

++Something is poking me in the butt but I don’t know what. ha! It’s probably a tag. I’m not sure I like clothing tags. They tell you the size of what you’re wearing and they apparently poke you in the derrière (pronounced dairy air).

++I could soooooo use a nap!

++The weather is turning off nasty this weekend. I’m kind of torn, at least I don’t really have anywhere to go I don’t think but why does it do it on the weekend when we’re supposed to be free and clear of things?

++My feet are really cold. I’m tired of having cold feet. Does this mean my circulation is bad? I swear I almost think I want to invest in a pair of house slippers for school!

++I’m thirsty… where did that water go anyway? Oh dang it, I drank it all… I know I have another one!

++Don’t worry, found the water! Whew!

++There is a quote in the library that says

“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.”

I don’t know who said the quote, I can’t see that part… but interesting quote, right? I dunno… seems a bit weird to have in the library to me. Especially in huge letters plastered on the wall.

++I ate cold pizza for lunch… am I growing up because YUCK! I used to LOVE cold pizza. Now I think it’s disgusting. Is that Peanuts fault?

++I had an awful, horrible, terrible, no good, very bad test today. It was awful! There were supposed to be 3 parts but the teacher only made us do 2 because no one could get done with the first 2 to even attempt the 3rd. I finished the 2nd right as the hour and 15 minute class was up. Yuck! It was awful.

++I just shoved my chair back and about fell on my butt. That would have been fun, right?

++So my SIL put up on facebook the other day to put the name of songs you were listening to and end with “in my pants.” Made for a fun and interesting game…. It reminds me of saying “in bed” after you read your fortune cookies.

++Have I mentioned I’m really tired? My class starts in 20 minutes and lasts for an hour and 15 minutes. I sure hope I don’t fall asleep in class. No guarantees but I haven’t fallen asleep in a class since high school when it was some govt class and I sat behind a really tall basketball player and we watched CNN for 15 minutes every day. You couldn’t see me anyway through the bball player. Where is he today when I need a nap?!?!

++I guess I should stop while I’m ahead and pack up my stuff and go to class. I’d like to go to sleep though!

**Disclaimer: All written Thursday afternoon**

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