Take Two

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Holy Cow! I just walked in from outside and it’s freezing cold out there. Okay maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration because I just looked at weather.com and it said that it is 40, but that doesn’t factor in that wind and that’s what is excessively cold this morning. Okay, so it’s 40˚ this morning, yet yesterday it was 70˚. Yes we had the wind but the weather was gorgeous. I was walking around in a t-shirt and comfortable. Today I have on a long sleeved t-shirt and my jacket and I’m still frickin cold! brrrr! I guess only in MO can (or maybe I should say the midwest?) you go from 70˚ one day to a freeze warning and a high of 50˚ the next and 60˚ or so the following. Yes Mother nature we get it, you’re still in control!

Speaking of yesterday, by last night I was spent. Today marks my second attempt at Comps (plus I have to take a different set on Monday night…. ugh!) I’ve been studying hard, maybe not hard enough, we’ll see, but I have been studying hard and last night I was just spent. I wanted to do something… anything. I didn’t know what though. We finally went and wandered around Target because I just needed to walk I guess. We wound up down the hair coloring aisle and I decided to dye my hair pink, what do you think?

Oh wait, that’s right… I only threatened… I didn’t do it :). haha… sike! or not but whatever, it’s my blog post today :). I also seriously debated dying my hair bright blonde. I have no idea why and I didn’t do it, but I did threaten.

I drove the truck today. Why you might ask? Well… because I feel like a badass driving a truck. Seriously. I’ve always been a truck girl. In fact, my first vehicle was a truck.

It was a little truck but it was a truck no less. Boy the day we saw this at the dealership we were in my dad’s 1998 F150 that I kept trying to talk him in to letting me have but he wouldn’t budge. That was back when with the extended cab you had the jump door. And it just had the 1, not both so to get to the drivers side back seat you had to go through the passenger side jump door. Anyway we were driving through the Ford dealership in Springfield the day after my birthday and we saw this little gem. I about jumped over the top of my mom and her seat trying to get out of dad’s truck to get out and see this truck. Then, I really thought we were going to lose out on buying it over $50. My mom could see me squirming in my seat and she knew I was ready to volunteer to pay the $50. Finally the dealership agreed with my dad and bam, the truck was mine. I’ve never kept such a poker face in all my life. So stressful as a 16 year old.

No, I don’t drive a truck right now, unless I’m driving someone else’s truck. I have my car. I like my car but it isn’t a truck. Oh the pretty purr of a diesel engine or the nice hum of flowmaster’s. Pure pleasure :). haha. Although have you heard the new diesel’s now? They are almost as quiet as a gas engine and unless you’re paying attention you might miss them. Sad but true statement.

Earlier this week I was joking with hubby that since I had to take comps tonight, can I drive his truck for inspiration. He said, “OK.” I laughed and told him I was joking because I was… mostly. Then I guess when I got in the shower last night, he moved vehicles around and when I went to leave this morning he left me with the truck.

I got a sweet text from my dad too. Everyone believes in me, I just hope I don’t let them down. That’s my worst fear! Letting people down. Adds a little stress. But I got in the truck this morning and started driving down the road. I don’t know, I think Joe Diffy was on to something when he said, “There’s something women like about a pickup man.” Although, I’m not a man… so maybe that doesn’t totally count in this instance, but it’s close enough!

Okay so speaking of the truck. Oh I shouldn’t tell this on myself but I can’t help it… It is too funny. Yesterday we were driving it and a bird flew past us. Neither of us saw the bird go anywhere else so hubby wondered if it got stuck in the grill. Hey weirder things have happened. So when we stopped, I got out and went up to the front to look. No bird and there was no grill guard. I about freaked out wondering where and when we dropped the grill guard and how did we not know that. Then I had a moment of clarity and realized that oh… it isn’t our truck that has the grill guard, it’s my dad’s truck. Duh duh duh.

Comps has me where I’m just frazzled. I’m ready for some mental clarity! The night before we had been working on Jared and Karen’s camper. When we were done I went to my parents and picked up the bug and then went home. At home I hopped in the shower. We have a speaker in our shower that hooks up to your phone via bluetooth. Hubby had his phone hooked up with a song for me to hear. So when I got out of the shower I went to turn the speaker off and instead hit the call button. Well that either answers a call if the phone is ringing while you’re in a shower or calls the last person you talked to. The last person hubby called was Jared so I tried to call Jared from the shower. I about died laughing.

That is how life has been for me lately… and this weekend is Easter, but I won’t get to enjoy that much because I’ll be studying for my next round of comps on Monday night. Who decided Easter weekend would be a good weekend to put comps after. Geez…. anyway wish me luck please! And if all else fails, know that I feel like a badass driving a pick-up truck!

Over and out!

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