Hubby gets to travel

So a while back hubby had to make a trip for work. They sent him to Allen, Texas. I really meant to blog about this like 2 months ago because let’s be honest, I like to blog :)… but I kind of didn’t. So I saw this sitting waiting to be blogged and I decided now was as good of time as any, otherwise it might be like next year before I get to it. That would be horrible! So with his help, here’s his work trip to Allen, Texas.

This was actually within that span of going to Kansas City for Service Tech training in Scuba Diving and a trip to Chicago. I’m pretty sure my wife felt like she was a single parent for about a month. Sorry hunny, I love you!

So work put us up in the Homewood Inn & Suites in Allen Texas. We got in later in the evening and didn’t spend a whole lot of time at the hotel. But the bed was nice and the room was nice too. Definitely a good stay.


Burger Bistro & the Inn of Chicago

I didn’t mention that last week hubby was gone ALL. WEEK. LONG. This is the first time we’ve been separated more than a couple nights since we’ve been married. Crazy I know! And really this year is the first time we’ve been separated more than over night before too. I’m soooooo not digging this feeling of being a single parent and have a new found respect for them! This was finals week for me so I was kind of stressed because of that. whew! I’m still waiting on one grade too…. ugh!

Anyway I’m living vicariously through hubby’s trips. So this week he went to Chicago for a week for the Microsoft Ignite. I have no idea what that is so I plan on making him guest post and tell you and me about it 🙂

I did start his trip off with a picture of him and baby girl before he left though!

So now I’m going to turn it over to hubby!

My flight left Springfield around 4pm on Sunday so that I could get to Chicago at a fairly decent hour. The flight is around an hour and five minutes or so that’s what they told us on the system. Once we got to Chicago O’Hare we registered for the conference so that 25,000 people weren’t trying to check in on Monday morning.

We had enough people from work going that they rented limo’s to take us from the airport to the hotel versus making us have to ride the El. Our hotel was the Inn of Chicago. The night we got there it was raining so I didn’t get wifey a picture of the outside of the hotel. But I made sure to get her a picture of the inside of my room before I messed it up.


Brag on Hubby Session: 1st & 2nd Stage Certifications

So I made the comment that hubby was out of town last week and I gained new respect for single parents. Boy oh boy did I!  Anyway, what was hubby up to you might ask? And maybe you didn’t, but I’m sharing anyway because I get to brag on my husband!

Hubby got the opportunity to take classes to become a certified ScubaPro Technician to work on first and second stage regulators. When it was offered to him, he jumped at the opportunity!

He and our friend Rachele made the trek to Kansas City Monday night for a product line demonstration, then stayed for Tuesday and Wednesday for the seminar classes. Rachele had to leave early though because she’s graduating nursing school (Go Rachele!!!) and won a prestigious award that was being presented to her at a banquet on Wednesday evening.

René Dupré and Scott Dawson came in to do the seminar.

And you know, if there’s food they will come.
Tuesday’s meal consisted of Lasagna, Baked Chicken, Salad & Cheesecake for dessert.


Hilton Garden Inn, Ft. Worth TX

Wow, am I coming or am I going? I’m not real sure! btw, did you know this is the last consecutive date we’ll see in our lifetime? 12-13-14. Interesting thought for the day.

So I’m in Ft. Worth, TX this weekend. Hey, I love this town! We’re down here for the 2014 NCHA Futurity. So I thought I’d give you a quick peek at the hotel we’re staying at… the Hilton Garden Inn over on Rosedale. I’m not sure the Rosedale part is necessary, it’s just that’s how I know how to get here.

I had to snag an image from here because I forgot the outside of the hotel. My arms were usually full…

(the other pictures are mine!!)


Comfort Inn, Oxford, MS

So if there’s one thing I love to do, it’s travel. My goal is to go to travel to all 50 states as well as all over the world! But you can only do one little thing at a time.

So here recently my Faulkner class made a trip to Oxford, MS since that is where William Faulkner himself lived. Our class stayed at the Comfort Inn. You can even see my room there from here… I was on the 2nd floor first door from the left.

I swear, King beds will spoil me :). The couch pulled out into a hide-a-bed also.


Homewood Suites – Hilton – Memphis, TN

Okay so random thought on my brain right now…. I’m hungry. Looking at my food posts like y’all do, is making me hungry. That could be because it is noon and I haven’t eaten since breakfast and baby girl is yelling at me to eat mommy, eat!

Anyway thought I’d pop in and tell you about our accommodations that we had while we stayed in Memphis that one night. Hubby went on line and found us a really good deal to stay at the Homewood Suites which is a Hilton property there in Memphis.

Typically they are set up for extended stay visitors so the rooms are set up more like a one room apartment. Very very nice though! Our room had a fire place and there was a note on the table that said that you could get one log free for it, from there they could be purchased. The livingroom had the couch, a chair, a television and small table and around the corner was the kitchenette which had a full sized refrigerator, a stove, cabinets, sink, dishes and even a dishwasher.

When you entered our room, I told you, we’re going to get spoiled by getting rooms with a King Sized bed :). Hubby and I, no matter what practically sleep on top of each other whether we’re sleeping in a twin sized bed (which we’ve done) to a full sized bed to a queen sized bed to a King. But obviously in that king we have a little more room to sprawl out even though we’re still touching 🙂

The bathroom was next to the bedroom. There was the room with the toilet and the shower, then there was a sink on the otherside of that door. You know, so you can get ready while your husband is showering and you don’t get the steam :). I even loved the note that Housekeeping left us.

Even though it was an extended stay hotel, they had a continental breakfast in the morning. Being a Sunday morning when we ate there we had the option of a Cheese Omelet, Sausage, Rosemary Potatoes, cereal, waffles, muffins, fruit, juices, coffee and milk.  The plate on the left was mine and the one on the right was hubby’s but that was because I really wanted a donut from Dunkin’ Donuts. Yes I know, he spoils me! (by the way did you know the proper way to spell donut is actually doughnut.)

This was definitely a nice hotel to stay at, easy access to the highway and hey, we were close to Dunkin Donuts and Gus’s World Famous Chicken, what more could you ask for?

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Metropolis – Weekend in a Nutshell

Friday afternoon, 2:50pm, class got over and I hit the door running.  Usually I may linger, but not this particular day.  I had places to go, people to see and more like it, people waiting on me.  I took off to meet up with everyone so we could get on the road.  Generally I don’t eat lunch and just eat dinner early, but hubby told me to grab a bite to eat on my way to JT & AL’s house.  Things didn’t work out so well, so after I met up with them, we ran to Wendy’s and got Zebra Girl and myself a jr. bacon cheeseburger, then we were off to get Zebra Girl.

I was teasing AL that she had Van Coke.  At first I was confused but she explained it was Vanilla Coke.  Ok that makes sense 🙂 but the rest of the night we called it Van Coke.

We stopped at Poplar Bluff to grab a bite to eat and wound up eating at Dairy Queen then we hit the road again.

We stopped for gas at Sikeston and Zebra Girl started washing the windows since we had quite the bug collection going.  Hubby and JT followed along behind her to make sure she got them off and the windshield was clean for AL to drive :).

Finally we pulled in to Metropolis around 11pm.  AL dropped us off at the Super 8 and they went on to their hotel room at the Metropolis Inn.  Originally our group stayed at the Super 8, but they changed for this trip.  Sadly hubby and I booked through to work on a free nights stay and weren’t able to change hotels.  No biggie, it was just down the road, probably less than a block apart.

Our home for the next 2 days.

When we walked in to the room, we were greeted with a nice little area.  There was a table, microwave, refrigerator and the couch was a hide-a-bed.

The area between the “living” portion and the bedroom portion was the bathroom & Sink.  There was also a hidden door that would close the bedroom off from the rest of the room.

We got a King size bed.  I noticed that the tv in the bedroom portion was a flat screen and the tv in the living portion was an “old fashioned” box tv… lol.

We laid down and I’m pretty sure we were out the minute we hit the bed.

The next morning hubby got me up at who knows what hour and we got dressed and headed to the other hotel.  Everyone ate breakfast at the hotel.  There was Biscuits & Gravy, cereal and the white powdered donuts, coffee, juice and milk.

Then we were off.  Metropolis is about 15 miles roughly from Mermet Springs.

Mermet Springs is an old query that has been turned into a diving attraction.  That was our whole purpose for heading to Mermet Springs was an entire weekend of diving fun.  Diving as in Scuba Diving.  Oh and hubby and I were working on our first advanced diving certification of Wreck Diving.

We had a long day of diving.  Around 5pm we all left and headed back to Metropolis.  Zebra Girl fell asleep on the 15 minute car ride.  Sadly hubby misplaced his shirt so he got to head back to the hotels shirtless.  We later found it in his diving bag.

After everyone showered and got cleaned up we headed to Fat Edd’s Roadhouse for dinner.

After we left the restaurant we headed downtown to get our picture taken with Superman.

I also noticed that there was a wall paying tribute to our military for our Freedom!

Then we headed to Dairy Queen there in Metropolis for dessert!!  Yum!

Then we headed back to our hotels, hubby and JT pulled our Dive info off our computers and then we headed to bed.  Sadly, someone thought it would be a good idea to be up and at their hotel at 7am the next morning.  I’m sooo not a morning person so I think I might have been holding a grudge…. ya think?  lol.

We all decided to head to Hardees for breakfast instead of the hotel breakfast on Sunday morning.

We found the size of tank hubby needs.  They say as you become a more experienced diver you use less air for the same amount of time down, but for now, he could sooooo use a tank this size! 

We grabbed a bite to eat there at Mermet and then hit the road around 1-2pm.  I looked over and Zebra Girl was zonked out. 

Once we crossed the Ohio River….

Hubby and I zonked out too.

Next thing I knew, I woke up to JT saying something and the Denali had died.  Yup, we were 3 miles from the gas station outside of Dexter, MO and we ran out of gas.  Yehaw.  Luckily JT’s dad was in front of us so they ran to the gas station, got us a gallon of gas and brought it back to us.  Not the best way to wake up :).  Diver Girl had us taken care of!

Then we were closer Van Buren and we thought we might actually get rain.  Turns out, it was just enough to spot up the windshield/car.  Oh well.

At one of our stops along the way, we stopped at McDonald’s and Diver Girl thought it would be fun to put a straw on our antenna.  That sucker road all the way to Springfield when we finally took it off.

We stopped in Springfield at Red Robin for dinner.

And finally got back to JT & AL’s around 9:30, helped unload the Denali and headed off for our house.  It was such a fun weekend, but very short and very long at the same time… if you can make sense of that.

How was your weekend?

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The Sheraton Westport Plaza Hotel

So Monday we had to check out of the Hampton Inn downtown and move to our hotel room over at the Sheraton Westport Plaza Hotel.

The Location was over near Creve Couer area of St. Louis.  This was a very nice neighborhood with a lot of shopping and dining options around, also easy Interstate access.

One thing we definitely liked about this hotel is the elevators were much faster and never crowded.

Our room was on the 4th floor.  It was a King size bed that also had a couch and a little sitting area.


St. Louis Bound

Hubby and I had plans to head to St. Louis on Monday, however as a last minute decision we decided to head up on Saturday.  We went to TB’s birthday party and then headed out toward St. Louis.  St. Louis may not have been our original planned trip, but I’m sooooo glad we went there.  You’d be surprised what this city, that feels like it’s in my back yard (about 4 1/2 hrs away), has to offer.  It was amazing and crazy!

I just so happened to catch my birthday… 7:30 at night with the outside temp at 83 degrees.  7/30/83 🙂

It’s great heading up I-44 and seeing the Arch off in the distance.

It was a lot of fun getting closer and closer even.  I had been to St. Louis 3 times prior but never to the extent that we were there.


I got so excited seeing the Arch that I quit paying attention to the GPS directions to help hubby and we wound up missing a turn to our hotel.

Now everyone says to steer clear of East St. Louis and wouldn’t you know, because I wasn’t helping hubby navigate roads and I got us on the wrong one, we wound up in East St. Louis.  I didn’t feel any harm toward us, although it was a bit strange to see bars on all the windows….

We finally made it to our first hotel.  Our first hotel for the trip was the Hampton Inn.  This hotel had the absolute best location for sightseeing in Downtown St. Louis around the Arch.

Our room.  Please ignore my luggage and I really thought I got better photos, but sadly, these are the two I got…

But this was our view.

We had a fabulous view of the Arch and downtown.  One interesting thing we learned about St. Louis was no building can be taller than the Arch.  Some will look taller, but they aren’t.

This was the night we went to eat at  TIGÍN Irish Pub & Restaurant – St. Louis, MO.


Hotel Grand Victorian – Branson, MO

Tbug came to stay with us last week for a few extra days.  It was a lot of fun and very exciting.  Now earlier this year, hubby got us all season passes to Silver Dollar City & White Water.  Being the end of June and warm days ahead, we thought it would be fun to take off a few days from work and head to Branson and White Water.  Hubby also decided it would be fun to stay the night down there and we’d bum around a bit to relax before our big 4th of July party.

Now the hotel we stayed at has meaning to hubby and me because this was the hotel we stayed at the first weekend we were engaged.  We came down to Branson to watch Tbug’s cheer competition.

This is one gorgeous hotel.  There are 2 pools, one outdoors and one inside.  The indoor pool was heated.  What!?!?  Yup.  There was also a hot tub.  Man that sucker was warm :).  After spending all morning at White Water we went and played in the pool at the hotel.  We were all kind of getting a bit red when we left White Water :).

One of the best things is being greeted by this gorgeous entry when you enter the hotel.  When hubby and I stayed the first time we stayed up those stairs so it was a lot of fun to take the stairs vs the elevator.

We got a room that had 2 Queen sized beds.  We were teasing Tbug about not knowing what to do with that much room in a bed… lol.  And that door right there, we had a balcony.  Yup, that’s right.

Just ignore our things in the room… lol.  So Tbug is on the floor between the far bed and the wall.  She didn’t want to be in the picture… lol.

Our view out the balcony was of the back of the hotel and of the outdoor pool.

So here’s to one of many Branson posts… lol 🙂