To the next chapter

Where to start. So for a while I’ve been hinting that something was going on but I really didn’t want to tell about it. If you’re friends with me on Facebook you’ve probably already seen, but here’s the story… We sold our house.

This whole mess of a process started 2 years ago July. I’ve been under the stress of this for over 2 years now and it’s taken its toll on me truthfully.

July 2014 we had a Sunday night dinner at our house. A friend said he and his fiancé were thinking of buying a house. I smarted off they should buy ours. After a few minutes they questioned if we were serious or not.

Now for a year or so prior to all of this we’d seriously debated selling it and listing it with a realtor friend but nothing ever came of that so when I smarted that off, we were like, maybe. Hubby shot him a price, they discussed it and came back and said yes. I’m pretty sure hubby and I were in shock for a minute… So we all went to the bank, a contract was drawn up and signed and we were supposed to close on September 15, 2014.

Key word: were.


My Kitchen

Once upon a time I ran across a list of blogging prompts. One of the prompts was share the favorite room in your home, and why you love it. I immediately knew which room I would choose, I would choose the kitchen. And while that may be a bit of a stretch, here is my reasoning.

Growing up I had a love hate relationship with cooking. I loved to cook but I hated to wait for whatever it was I was cooking to finish because I was usually “starving” or at least so I thought at the time.

As I got older I started making a “hope” chest. You know what that is, right? A hope that you get married, except I wasn’t hoping I’d get married, I hoped I’d have my own kitchen. Everything I collected happened to be kitchen gadgets and utensils. When Food Network started up, I used to watch it religiously, trying to learn how to cook from the greats, Tyler Florence, Emeril Lagassee, Rachael Ray, Paula Deen… I wanted nothing more to do than to learn to be one of the greats when it came to the kitchen.


Happy 4th of July {And a Family Celebration!}

Happy Birthday USA.

It’s been a few years since hubby and I have hosted the family 4th of July Party. There was no way I was going to in 2014 and last year we thought we were selling our house so we didn’t open the pool. This year we didn’t open the pool until 2 weeks before the 4th, but decided to open it.

That morning dad brought over the hay trailer and they loaded up the hay bales to get them off the field so that the fireworks didn’t catch them on fire.


Strawberry Moon

They call it a Strawberry Moon. Apparently from what I’ve read it’s because having a full moon on the Summer Solstice told olden cultures it was time to harvest. Seems a little early to me… I guess in Europe Strawberries aren’t common so they call it a Rose moon. It’s also known as a honey moon and a couple other names. Maybe that full moon explains some weirdness that’s been happening, like a snake in my car. Seriously who has that happen? I have an update on that… but not today. I just played with taking pictures last night and thought I’d share.

Supposedly this Strawberry Moon hasn’t happened since 1948. My Mother in law said she was 2 at that time. And supposedly it won’t happen for another 48 years. They say for most people it’s a once in a lifetime experience. I’m 32 + 48, I could potentially see another one…. I’d be 80. Yup, the English Major just did Math… check me!

Happy Summer!


The other night I was sitting in the house doing homework. Between reading and studying I was about to go nuts. Hubby had taken Abug outside with him, so I snuck outside to see what they were up to; that’s when I heard the tractor running. We lucked out, some really good friends of ours brought us their tractor over (plus mower, second tractor and baler, Thank you Jared & Karen!) to do some fall haying. Our mower is broken (again).

I looked out in the field where the tractor noise was coming from and they were moving the other bales off the field from the summer cutting.


Just Laugh

Happy Labor Day. This supposedly marks the end of Summer even though we don’t officially hit fall until the end of this month… figure that one out!

Just for a reason to make your day and help you laugh on a Monday (even though if you’re a lucky one you have the day off so you’re already happy)…

My Saturday, let me tell you what!

I was abruptly woke up around 7am Saturday morning with a head crashing in to mine and a giggle from the baby. I should have known that was just the start of things.

We all laid in bed and watched a few episodes of Pioneer Woman until hubby started getting up and getting dressed. I thought we were going somewhere so I quickly got myself up and dressed and the baby. Turns out, we weren’t.

So baby girl and I went in and made Pancakes for breakfast.

Around 11am she was getting cranky. Hubby finally fixed my fog light on my car after 4 years of begging but he and his friend Robert had to drive to town to get something to fix it. When he got back he brought me a Sweet Tea from Sonic. I was laying on the bed with the baby trying to get her down for a nap.

I finally got her to sleep, tucked a pillow in on my side of the bed, moved her into the middle of the bed and tucked a pillow into hubby’s side of the bed, you know create rails for her. (remember we were laying on my bed because I was laying with her. I don’t fit in the crib….)

I was quietly backing away from the bed because moving her over into the middle of the bed she started to wake up but quickly went back to sleep. And that’s when it happened. I backed into the Sweet Tea sitting on the corner of the night stand and knocked it all over our {white} carpet and into the hallway. It was loud too.

First thought was crap I just woke up the baby. I didn’t. Then oh crap I have to get this tea up NOW! I didn’t get even one sip of that tea. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be for me to have Sweet Tea Saturday. Oh well…

And on that note I’ll leave you with one last comment… I just heard a Kmart commercial playing Christmas music. While I love Christmas and Thanksgiving and am totally waiting, kind of impatiently, I’m not ready because of Comps. I have to get through those First.

Happy Labor Day! Peace out!

How to: Make a Photo Wall

There has been a lot of uncertainty in our life in the last couple of years. Truthfully more than I even want to admit to… I know that God has great plans for everything and everything will work out in the end. I know that all the trials and tribulations help us grow into the people he wants us to develop in to. But I also know sometimes I just want to scream, pack up the bare minimum, move to a place no one knows me (far far away) and start a new life. Whew… uncertainty is very scary to say the least :). But that last part is an extreme.

So with that out of the way… If you know me at all, I take pictures of EVERYTHING. Think I’m kidding, just check my camera/phone/computer/external hard drive. No joke! For a long while I’ve wanted a photo wall, and I had one for a bit, then we took it down, and now we’re putting it back up. It goes with some of that uncertainty….

The initial photo wall was hung up with the Command Strips so that it wouldn’t put holes in the walls or do damage to the wall paper, etc… yeah that didn’t work. Sad but true. I don’t know if my sticky part of the command strips was too old or the wall paper was the wrong texture or what, but after I put them up, they came back down, some quickly (like a few days). It was extremely frustrating! So this time around there are holes in the wall. It was just easier that way…

Now here’s how to do it:

What you’ll need:
Photo frames/Photos (sizes up to you!!)
Scissors (just for cutting… ha. see below.)
Command Strips or Screws
if screws, then you need a drill
A Wall for photos

1. You’ll want to trace your photo frames on to paper. The first time around I used newspaper, this time around I used regular notebook paper, except for my 8×10 frames. Then I went into Tbug’s room and stole some used poster sized paper. Trace the size of your photo frames out onto the paper.


Hay Season 2015: Field Fires

Okay… I guess I’ll share the story. It really isn’t much of a story but….

Sunday evening I had just gotten back from taking Tbug to her mom’s house. I left Abug sitting in her chair up by my house with my mom and went down to help dad with the tractor. Earlier I had been on the big tractor raking and just as I got done with the last row the tractor started acting funny so I shut it down. Turns out a line that runs hydraulic fluid broke and I drained the tractor of hydraulic fluid. #fail. But I shut it down the minute I realized something wasn’t completely right so I had that going for me.

So I was helping dad tear the line off to fix it and I start hearing a horrible metal clanging sound over in the field where hubby was on the other tractor baling. About that time I heard dad say shut it down you’re going to catch it on fire and then the fire broke out. Ugh! I ran to the edge of the field to see what was going on and then took off running (in flip flops, shame) toward the house to get a shovel. I wasn’t about to be able to put the fire out in flip flops.. this is why you farm in boots….