Mother Nature is Off Her Meds

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I swear! So you know there’s also a Meme going around facebook that says something to the affect, Mother Nature is having a fight, storms out of the room, and then storms back in “And One More Thing.” Yeah, I believe that meme is true on so many levels.

The stupid ground hog (I know, don’t pick on the ground hog) predicted an early spring. It’s a known fact though that he’s only right 40% of the time when he predicts that… just saying.

The night that I went up to paint my bathroom, I hopped out of the truck, not like I was jumping out on dry pavement or anything… I actually hopped out slowly because it was icy out and bam, my butt hit the ground, my right arm slammed into the door, and my left arm caught me with the help of my running board on my truck.

Next day I was helping my dad feed round bales to the cows off our flatbed trailer. I went to get off the trailer, my foot slipped, I tweaked my right knee as I was scrambling to get my feet on the ground so I didn’t go face first into the ground. My knee still aches. That was the end of January.

We had snow in November. Hello, I live in Missouri, southwest Missouri to be exact. That. Doesn’t. Happen. My dad swears it usually snows here around March 12. One year we actually had snow in May. I believe that was 2013. That doesn’t happen either.

So in other news, over the weekend we were under a winter weather advisory. I got to drive an hour and 15 minutes on dry pavement with a stupid windshield wiper that didn’t work. I was on the road a lot longer than that. Closer to an hour and 45 minutes to get there. I bought a window for our house.

Yes, we are still plugging away on the house. Right now all I can really show you is a dirty messy house. We still really have nothing FINISHED. Some days that is depressing.

But back to the driving/windshield wiper. So on my way home, I stopped at O’Reilly’s and told them I NEEDED new windshield wiper. They hooked me up and even put it on for me. Then I settled in for the drive home. When I got home, my poor truck looked like the abominable snowman had its way with it. And here we are, after at least 1 if not 2 days in the 40’s, there is still ice on the front end.

So at least after last night, we have a window in the kitchen… FINALLY!!

One thought on “Mother Nature is Off Her Meds

  1. Congrats on the new window!
    Sorry to hear about all the accidents. :-\
    Weather is strange all over. So many reasons that are NOT global warming.
    I think we just need to get used to strange.

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