Tiramisu French Macarons

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The same day I made the Strawberry Lemonade French Macarons, I made Tiramisu French Macarons. I really like Tiramisu and when I saw this recipe over on Tatyana’s Everyday Food, I just knew I had to make them. The question was…. when. I was back and forth, back and forth on which ones to make between these and the Strawberry Lemonade French Macarons… but when I made the Spumoni Cake, I had 10, yes 10 egg whites just sitting around so that meant… hello, multiple flavors of French Macarons.

Now, this might also be the place to mention that when you make one French Macaron shell batter, clean all your equipment before starting on the second round of batter. If I would have done that, I would have had 3 types of French Macarons, but when I didn’t clean my equipment, it tainted my egg whites and they didn’t meringue up like they were supposed to. So just remember, wash between batters! It’s important!

The only thing you don’t have to wash is the beaters on the hand mixer because all they touch are egg whites and some sugar. Easy enough.

Tiramisu French Macarons

Now through research of French Macarons, they actually originated in Italy. The French took them over and that’s how they became French Macarons. The French were also the ones who made them a sandwich cookie. So making a Tiramisu French Macaron helps pay homage to their original birthplace, right? Tiramisu is an Italian coffee dessert. Mmmmm Tiramisu. I love Tiramisu. I loved it before I loved coffee. No joke.

Of course, another oddity about me is I love Beer bread but hate Beer. Beer bread just raises that level of beef flavor as it becomes concentrated basically, but I can’t stand the taste of beer except in bread. I don’t know.

One of the things that Tatyana called for is the vanilla pods. My vanilla beans are OLD. I can’t even tell you how old. They are old enough they’ve actually dried up and aren’t really flexible/limber. That’s okay, I used them. And once I got that vanilla caviar out of them, I put the actual pods in some sugar to flavor the sugar. I wonder if hubby has found that yet because I put it in our coffee sugar. But the thing is, I don’t drink sugar in my coffee anymore. Creamer yes, but sugar, I weaned myself off of that about a year ago. If he’s found it, he hasn’t said anything.

Lately, I’ve made so many coffee desserts I’ve actually now run out of instant coffee. That’s all I use instant coffee for… baking.

Let’s just say the filling was good. I did cut it in half because she mentioned it made a lot and it does. Even cutting it in half I had about half of that leftover. For this amount of Macarons, I’d make about a 1/4 of the filling. Otherwise, yum.

And while these were good, I still think my favorites were the Strawberry Lemonade French Macarons. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, please!

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