It was a Birthday!!

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It seems like on everyone’s birthday, you know except for mine, we’re out riding horses. Tbug’s 14th birthday was no different, but she does have a thing for riding horses. I hope she always has that desire! Sadly, Abug might have confiscated her horse….

Never fear, Kansas stepped up to bat for Tbug to ride… only problem was, then Abug wanted to ride with Tbug. Aloha looked a little lost. At one point, I hopped on her back but Abug told me I was to get off her horse. Tbug said, I’ll share a lot of things with you, but Aloha is mine. Gosh I love both of those girls.

I wish there was an explanation for this photo. I think Abug told me not to touch Aloha and after the third time of telling me I put my hands up to prove I wasn’t touching her… but that was back on the 2nd of January so I don’t quite remember.

Abug is our treat feeder. In fact, she drug papa to the barn to get treats for all the horses.

Just as we were getting done riding it started to sprinkle. Perfect timing! I was so excited to give Tbug her Birthday present from us (a new Hydros BC for Scuba diving) that I couldn’t stand it anymore. I didn’t wrap it though… so I made her cover her eyes. Abug then threw her jacket over sissy’s head so she wouldn’t peek.

Once I had the present in there, we told her to look but she wouldn’t right away.

This face shows she was a little excited, but I seriously think I was more excited than she was. bummer. ha! This… this thing is cool. Because of back orders and everything else, not many divers have these right now. She’s pretty special.

After she opened her presents, then we weren’t sure what to do. I suggested having everyone help me take down the Christmas tree but I was quickly nixed which means I got to take it down all by myself. Typical…. sigh. So instead we went to the movies and watched “Moana.” Let’s just say, that’s a really cute movie.

We had plans to meet up with my parents at Outback around 7 that night (you know, after the movie). Then we headed home to open the rest of her Birthday presents from my parents.

She got her own personalized Kansas City Chiefs jersey, body soap, a picture of HER Aloha, and Deb and Grady gave her 3 rash guards for scuba diving.

While I can’t speak for her, I’d say she had a fairly good 14th birthday. Then the other day I realized that oh crap… next year she’s getting her learner’s permit. HELP US NOW!

Happy Birthday!

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