Happy Birthday Momma!

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My mother is a beautiful woman and I’m happy to call her momma!  But doing this post created a slight problem because no matter how beautiful she is… she hates, I mean hates having her picture taken so I was able to go through my computer and find these few photos so please bare with me!

Today is my momma’s birthday!  And I just wanted to share a few photos of a beautiful lady in my life who has helped raise me up to be the woman I am today…

My dad says I act a lot like her.  When I ask if that’s a bad thing he says no, but I act an awful lot like her.

I just wanted to give a special shout out to my Mother today though!

I love you mom!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

I’m so glad God picked you to be my mother!!!


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0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Momma!

  1. Belated birthday wishes to your mom! My grandmother (dad's mom) would have turned 111 yesterday – a special day indeed 🙂

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