Bumble Bee

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Saturday night was Halloween. What does that mean… all the little ghosts and goblins come out to play and want to Trick or Treat you! Last year I went to a Halloween party. We had a load of fun because we all dressed up, it was great. I went as Marilyn Monroe. This year there had been debate all the way up to Halloween and I never was told about anything. Oh well worked out for the best anyway, because Sunday, November 1 is Prince Charming’s birthday. My mom and I actually had tickets to the ballet in Tulsa; we went to see Dracula. It was awesome!!! So we used Saturday night to take Prince Charming out for his birthday. You’ll have to ask him for sure but I think he really enjoyed his birthday presents and his birthday in general!

Well, he got Tbug for his birthday after she was done trick-or-treating. His mom went to pick her up from her mom for us. We were on our way home from Monet and his mom called and said Tbug wanted us to see her in her Halloween costume and wondered where we were. Well, we actually were only about 3 miles from his house so we went on to his house and waited. They were just behind us. She was the cutest Bumble Bee! She came in and showed us and then went to eat her McDonalds and we didn’t want to get ketchup all over her outfit so we had her go change. She went in the other room, in the meantime, my mom, dad and I were waiting with Prince Charming, my mom looked at my dad and said, do you have a dollar. He said he did out in the truck so he went out to get it. I checked my pockets and I had $.50. Prince Charming got me another $.50 so I had a dollar as well. When Tbug walked out my mom was like, well aren’t you going to Trick-or-Treat me? Tbug looked at her funny and we all suggested that she go say it. When she did she got a dollar and ran around the room excited. Then I was like, well where’s mine. She came over, said it and I gave her a dollar as well. She got all excited again and then stopped dead in her tracks and just stared at my dad. It was hilarious! You couldn’t have asked for better timing!

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