Woolaroc Rendezvous

{warning: Picture heavy!!}

Since we’ve become friends with Karen and Jared, they’ve mentioned doing these rendezvous things. We really didn’t know what that was but told them we would be interested. So basically, you dress up pre-1840’s, you sleep in tents, and that’s kind of the gist.

A few weeks ago, maybe even a month or so now, Karen and Jared showed us this flier they got in the mail for the rendezvous that happened this past weekend. Karen rounded up some clothes for us to wear and we were in.

Friday Abug and I loaded up with Karen and Jared and left early morning. It’s known that I’m not a morning person, they said they were leaving around 9-10am and I was like really (imagine that really in a whiney voice). Yes, really and I was there, rearing and ready to go, Abug in tow. Hubby was coming down after he got off work and picked Tbug up.


Clantons Cafe – Vinita, OK

Friday morning Abug and I loaded up with Karen and Jared and headed down by Bartlesville, Oklahoma, for a Rendezvous at Woolaroc (post to come). Once hubby was off work he headed to get Tbug and then they headed down to meet us.

On our way down, we got off at Vinita (I get made fun of because I didn’t know how to get to Bartlesville… I’ve never driven there… just ridden and not paid attention….). Jared asked if we were hungry and we all agreed it was time to eat lunch. He asked if I’d ever eaten at Clanton’s Cafe. Nope, never heard of it. Shows how bad of a foodnetwork person I am since Guy Fieri went there on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives… woops!


Waterfront Grill – Jenks OK

This weekend we took a group trip to Jenks, OK, outside of Tulsa to go to the Oklahoma Aquarium. We left right after church, so by the time we got to Tulsa it was noon and we were a hungry bunch. Our vehicle was the lead vehicle so they left it up to us to find the restaurant. Kimmy got on her cell phone and started researching restaurants in the area and that’s when we came upon Waterfront Grill.

I’m oh so glad she found this restaurant too, as was everyone else. Totall awesome!

When we got there and told them it was 8 plus a high chair, they said it would be about a 30-45 minute wait. Then not even 5 minutes later they asked if we had a problem sitting outside. We told them no because the weather was great plus they had their heaters running. So we were seated within 5 minutes. And this was our view for the meal.

Hubby, Rachele, and Doug decided they were going to order sushi. We got one and they got the other. I say we, I asked them to save me a piece of each because even though I’m not crazy about it, I’m willing to try. You never know, someday I may just like sushi/fish….

They got the Bonzai Roll. Spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber, & jalapeño topped with fresh eel and eel sauce. Served on a skillet that is on fire. (side note, wow I didn’t know I was eating eel…. yikes!)


Oklahoma Aquarium

Over the weekend we took a day trip to Tulsa. After church a bunch of us loaded up and headed to Tulsa, the rest of our group was already down there. Our destination was the Oklahoma Aquarium. At dive club we’d been talking about taking a trip somewhere and finally we decided on the Oklahoma Aquarium. I guess technically we were in Jenks.

Our group that loaded up didn’t get breakfast so while we were supposed to meet the group already down there at noon, we stopped for a quick bite to eat at the Waterfront Grill and then headed to the aquarium, which put us there around 1ish. Sorry! Anyway the aquarium was a lot of fun.

Sadly because of our jump forward in time and going to church, Abug was up earlier than normal (equivalent to 5am for her). We then couldn’t get her to nap on the ride down so she was a bit sleepy going through the aquarium (as were the rest of us) but she handled it great!

Our trip down was fairly uneventful but we actually saw that precip that falls out of the sky. It was a crazy! I had to document it. (We’ve been on burn bans for the last 2 months)


The Weekend that Was

This weekend was a whirlwind of a weekend! Saturday morning we woke up bright and early… no joke!… and headed to my aunts house. AC had the weekend off and wanted to see Abug and it worked with our schedule also so away we went.

Mom originally thought we’d stop in OKC for lunch but we got there at 11am and we thought, AC’s is just about an hour or so past OKC, let’s just head on. So I sent AC a message and asked her if she’d like to meet us for lunch. She said she and UB would meet us at Interurban. They said we were going somewhere else for dinner so we didn’t want to eat a big lunch.


The Road Food – Part 2

Hey, with any good road trip there is road food. I named this part 2 because I’ve already had a post this month called Road Food… when we went to Houston for the 1st Playoffs game.

But this road food goes with our trip to Oklahoma City. Jared got off work just before we headed out Saturday morning for OKC and he said he was hungry. We debated stopping in Tulsa for lunch but it was 10:30am and we were making great time so he decided that he could wait until we got to OKC. We debated a few restaurants and eventually wound up with Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill. The last time hubby and I ate there was in March 2011 (wow!) but we remembered the food being really good so that’s what we decided on.

If you’ve never been there, the decor is pretty friggin awesome. There is a disco “ball” saddle. A motorcycle that looks like it is driving down a road (that is painted on the wall) and a painting of Toby Keith along with a bus driving through the wall (just the front) and tailgates made into seats, and and and and.


Road Trip Part 2 – The IFR

After we went to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum we went to find a place to watch the Chiefs play in the second Playoff game. Sadly, they didn’t win but they tried. From there though, we headed to the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds in OKC for the IFR. What is the IFR you ask? International Finals Rodeo. Aren’t you glad I told you?

They introduced all the representing states and countries for the IFR. There was a prayer and the National Anthem and then it was time to get the rodeo started. There was bronc riding (both bareback and saddle), bull dogging, team roping, break away roping, barrel racing, and bull riding.