Post Halloween Party

I’m a member of a women’s club and we were supposed to have a “Halloween” party and camp fire cookout the Thursday night before Halloween. Well circumstances came up and we were unable to have it then, so it got postponed to last night. We met at Mary’s house and were supposed to come in costume. After the Month of October we were all afraid that it would be frighteningly cold but last night was awesome weather. Although we were supposed to dress up, not everyone did 🙁 but we had some great costumes from those who did!!!

Bumble Bee

Saturday night was Halloween. What does that mean… all the little ghosts and goblins come out to play and want to Trick or Treat you! Last year I went to a Halloween party. We had a load of fun because we all dressed up, it was great. I went as Marilyn Monroe. This year there had been debate all the way up to Halloween and I never was told about anything. Oh well worked out for the best anyway, because Sunday November 1 is Prince Charming’s birthday. My mom and I actually had tickets to the ballet in Tulsa; we went to see Dracula. It was awesome!!! So we used Saturday night to take Prince Charming out for his birthday. You’ll have to ask him for sure but I think he really enjoyed his birthday presents and his birthday in general!