Fruit Pizza

If there’s one thing I like, it’s fruit. And cookies. And food really…. But… Putting fruit on a sugar cookie with a “sauce” layer… and calling it a pizza? I’m down for that! Seriously!

When my mom was pregnant with me, I guess she ate a quart of strawberries and a tub of cool whip every night. Every. Night. At that time there were 3 grocery stores in town and she would alternate between them so that they didn’t see the pregnant lady coming back for more. I think when you’re pregnant you get a free pass card, but who knows. My big thing was cheeseburgers. I think strawberries would have been the healthier choice truthfully….

Anyway, back to fruit pizza… So we went to a surprise birthday party for a friend this weekend. They were supplying the meat, everyone else supplied side dishes and dessert. Hubby and I were trying to decide what to make for the occasion when I suggested fruit pizza. He looked at me questioningly and I said, no really! I started describing and the “sauce” layer is cream cheese mixture. That’s about when he drew the line… and suggested cool whip. I was like just trust me.

So long story short, he trusted me and while I was making the cream cheese mixture up Friday night, I dipped a piece of fruit in it and made him try it. Well, he was sold. I used my 12″ Cast Iron skillet to bake the sugar cookie and there was a piece about 2 bites worth left at the end of the night. I would say that is a winner.



Sunday when I got home from the ride, I was scrolling through Facebook, mindlessly. Hubby’s cousin had this posted on her wall and it showed up in my feed:

I thought I’d be funny and asked hubby this question/statement. His answer…. Steak.

I kind of looked at him like he was crazy and said, Steak? He started laughing.

And ladies and gentlemen, that’s a conversation at my house…. You’re welcome.

Trails for Kids 2016

{WARNING: Picture Overload… again…}

So what we were up to this last weekend? Well it involved friends, camping, and horses. What more could you ask for? Hubby took Thursday off and he and Jared worked on moving horses, trailers, stuff down to Underwood’s Crag O’Lea in Pineville, MO, for the weekends adventures. I met Karen after I got out of school and picked up Abug and she got off work, then we headed down.

The evenings meal consisted of Steak and potatoes. A good kind of hearty meal :).

Then our friends Tony & Stephanie couldn’t get power to their camper, so the men went to work trying to rewire the box and figure out why. And just like that (you know like 20 minutes later, not bad) they had power. Woot woot! Nothing like rewiring by flashlight. Tony had a flashlight on his head and every time he’d look away hubby would grumble at him because he took the light.

Then we wandered down to the tent. I guess I should tell you this weekend was Trails for Kids. It is to raise money for the Tri-County CP Center.

Once we got to the tent, we checked out the lighting that hubby/Grady/Jared/Jason helped wire up. There was a dance floor so I turned on baby girls favorite song, “Girl Crush” and she and daddy danced. Then Jared tried to teach her how to break dance.

Friday morning our plans were breakfast and then to hit the trails. We had Bacon and Eggs and steak left over from Thursday night. They got out tortillas and cheese and made breakfast burritos. I knew Jared came into the camper looking for cheese but it wasn’t until my second burrito that I actually found the cheese. I made the comment I thought cheese would make it better, but it really didn’t. And if you look at the plate of bacon, a few pieces are burnt to a crisp… I had them on my second burrito. I wound up not eating the whole thing. The burnt bacon was not so yummy but the other bacon was excellent! We also had hubby’s candied jalapeños. YUM!


Little Cricket Bars

Isn’t she beautiful? This was Little Cricket Bars, or her barn name was Cricket or Ma. She is a 1984 model. If there’s one thing I can teach you about horses, their age changes January 1st. That would make her 32. 32 is old in horse years.

A friend of our family gave her to us with the condition she had a home until she died. We agreed, and sadly Saturday night into Sunday morning she lost her battle. I’m not sure she was battling anything other than as she was getting older, it was getting harder for her to get around. Their 32 years is probably like what 70-90 in adult years? I’ve actually never heard a conversion like dog years… for every year a dog gains 7… ya know… I’ve never heard that conversion for horses.

So sadly we lost our Cricket yesterday. She will be missed. She was such a good momma and a good horse. I can tell you though, feeding time and you better give her some right as you walk through the gate or she’d get mad.

Woolaroc Rendezvous

{warning: Picture heavy!!}

Since we’ve become friends with Karen and Jared, they’ve mentioned doing these rendezvous things. We really didn’t know what that was but told them we would be interested. So basically, you dress up pre-1840’s, you sleep in tents, and that’s kind of the gist.

A few weeks ago, maybe even a month or so now, Karen and Jared showed us this flier they got in the mail for the rendezvous that happened this past weekend. Karen rounded up some clothes for us to wear and we were in.

Friday Abug and I loaded up with Karen and Jared and left early morning. It’s known that I’m not a morning person, they said they were leaving around 9-10am and I was like really (imagine that really in a whiney voice). Yes, really and I was there, rearing and ready to go, Abug in tow. Hubby was coming down after he got off work and picked Tbug up.


Clantons Cafe – Vinita, OK

Friday morning Abug and I loaded up with Karen and Jared and headed down by Bartlesville, Oklahoma, for a Rendezvous at Woolaroc (post to come). Once hubby was off work he headed to get Tbug and then they headed down to meet us.

On our way down, we got off at Vinita (I get made fun of because I didn’t know how to get to Bartlesville… I’ve never driven there… just ridden and not paid attention….). Jared asked if we were hungry and we all agreed it was time to eat lunch. He asked if I’d ever eaten at Clanton’s Cafe. Nope, never heard of it. Shows how bad of a foodnetwork person I am since Guy Fieri went there on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives… woops!



I feel the crunch of the end of school coming. Not just the end of the semester, but the end of school. If all goes well I should graduate May 7th. That’s the thing though… right now I feel like a retard. Literature isn’t my strong suit. It never has been. I only grew fond of reading once I was out of school and had nothing better to do with my time. And then it was typically best seller type stuff. One of my professors said you read crap if you read best seller stuff. He says there is a lot better stuff out there in the form of writers like Faulkner and guys from the beat generation. By the way, the Beat generation was Modernism and about that time came the Harlem Renaissance.

But if you ask my professors, apparently I don’t know anything. In my Memoir class we learned that we put ourselves out there with our stories. And… Now I’m going to put my big girl panties on and put myself out there…

So last semester when I took comps but didn’t pass, the professor sent on the comments from the graders. It’s a pass/fail system. Here were the comments.

British Core Exam
Reader 1:
  • Passage 1 (Macbeth): Fail. A good understanding of the passage, but the writer doesn’t match the passage up to a clear theme in Macbeth. And the writer says Macbeth wants to be King of Denmark instead of King of Scotland.
  • Passage 2 (Fielding): Pass. Language a little awkward, but makes a good argument.
  • Essay (Wuthering Heights): Fail. Doesn’t define the term “gothic” well, and most of the characteristics the writer described (like a required death) aren’t necessarily part of a gothic genre.