DWTS – Season Finale

I actually bet you couldn’t wait for this… No more updates on Dancing with the Stars, at least for this season 🙂 Boy was it action packed! It was a 2 day Event… not like usual where they perform Monday night and then results on Tuesday, no they performed both nights.

Now the Freestyle is the one that everyone waits for all season long, but unfortunately this year’s freestyle was a bit of a disappointment in my opinion. Nothing just screamed Look At Me!!!

I think you’ve gathered all along that I knew Nicole would win, but I wanted Erin right up there with her. Well she actually came in 3rd place. Evan just didn’t do anything for me. He wasn’t bad but to me he wasn’t great either. My mom really liked him but I don’t know, he didn’t impress me.

Anyway at the end of Monday night Erin & Nicole were tied for first and Evan was 5 points behind them. Then Tuesday night they all danced 1 song. This time instead of the judges giving individual scores, they worked together and decided the 1st place got 30, 2nd place got 28 and third place got 26. In that ranking it went Nicole, Evan, Erin. Then they announced the third place person for the season who was Erin. After that Nicole & Evan had to dance off against each other again just for judges scores before the champion was crowned. In the end, Nicole Won it!

1st – Nicole Scherzinger & Derek Hough
2nd – Evan Lysacek & Anna Trebunskaya
3rd – Erin Andrews & Maksim Chmerkovskiy
4th – Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke
5th – Niecy Nash & Louis Van Amstel
6th – Pamela Anderson & Damian Whitewood
7th – Jake Pavelka & Chelsie Hightower
8th – Kate Gosselin & Tony Dovolani
9th – Aiden Turner & Edyta Sliwinska
10th – Buzz Aldrin & Ashley Costa
11th – Shannen Doherty & Mark Ballas

I really think that they should in a couple years have a dance off for the winners, challenge them 🙂 and really see how good they are 🙂

If you’d like to see all the previous weeks scores, click here.

If you’d like me to hush about DWTS for a while, well you are in luck 🙂

Peace love and dancing!

Nicole 🙂

DWTS – Semi Finals

I so know you all are sitting on the edge of your seats for this. ha! :)… but since I started it I have to finish, plus there’s only one more week after this, the Finals and the next reigning champion of Dancing with the Stars.

Erin keeps getting better and better. If nerves wouldn’t get to her she could so win it! I shouldn’t speak, nerves get me too but what I’m saying, she’s doing an excellent job! Erin finally got her nearly perfect. She was one point away… come on Len!! I hope she gets a perfect this season!

Evan goes up and down. One minute he’s on top, the next he’s lower. Now there isn’t much room for lower on the judges leader board but still that’s how he’s been. This week he tied with Nicole for the top spot. They both had one performance that was a 30 and one that was a 29 so they had a total of 59. Evan did have the encore dance this week with his Paso Doble. It seems like that dance gets a lot of encores! It’s a very cool dance in my opinion (which lets face it, this blog is 🙂 ha!).

Chad is really starting to come into his own. I’m not quite sure he’s up to par with Evan and Nicole but he’s sure close! But his fate came to an end this week. He was sent home. (which I hate to see but at least Erin got to stay IMO)

Nicole, come on what can you say, she’s awesome. She really is!

This season has been the best yet I believe. This is Season 10. We’ll have to wait to see the outcome!

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Wedding Party – Kalem

I haven’t forgotten about wedding party introductions, I just got side-tracked with life. Things like that happen!

With Kalem we get a rather interesting story. The groom actually met him through me, the bride, but they have become friends. Woohoooo! Since of course Kalem is my BOM (Brother of Mine). When I started for the company I work for, I worked in Corp AP (Accounts Payable). They were (and I think might still be) working on a process of changing all of our companies branches from one system to pay bills to another. The old one was LPCS (Lpix) and the new was EPS. Corp AP actually worked out of GEAC (geeack) and EPS. I know it’s confusing but you learn LPCS screens even when you never use them. Anyway back to the story: Kalem worked on the EPS helpdesk. Anytime purchasers or AP would have issues in EPS they would put in helptickets for the EPS helpdesk. There were 2 of us who did my job (I input vendors into EPS/GEAC (which downloaded to LPCS) so our branches could purchase/pay vendors). There were 2 before I was hired, I got one week of training from the gal I was replacing and then I had to rely on notes and Amy. Well I’d only been there a month and Amy left so I relied a lot on all the helpdesk people. One of them was Kalem. On Friday’s they’d go out to lunch and started inviting me and the rest is history, I finally developed friendships! Yey! They especially loved my quilts I made, I’ll have to share sometime ;).

So at the same time I’d been dating a guy for a really long time (as we all know if you’ve read previous posts) and things were going down hill very fast. One day Kalem said that I should come hang out with him, his wife and their friends. After a loooooonnnnnnnggggg time of offering I finally went and we ate at a Thai restaurant called Kinnaree.


DWTS – Week 8

Haha so this has just been a stressful and taxing week. I know it doesn’t do good to stress and worry because that won’t do anything but drive you to the looney bin, but if I go, I want to meet Buggs Bunny :). So when I was making up my little picture, I screwed up the week, yup, look down there, it says week 7 not week 8 and I’m being lazy and not really in the mood to change it so we’ll all know that I made the mistake and we’ll move on :). Don’t tell anyone!

I always get told not to tell on myself anyway… so we’ll just pretend that I never put that on there and we’ll pretend I’m not lazy and we’ll pretend that the 7 looks like an 8 and so on and so forth :).

I woke up this morning to heavy down pours and thunder/lightening. Then got to work just before 8 and heard that there was a tornado on the ground about 40 miles from here and it had taken out a Pizza Hut in another town. I got to work and people shared photos. Guess it hit around 7 this morning. And yeah that doesn’t really fit into this post at all but I just thought I would share.

So on to Dancing with the Stars Results from this week:

1. Erin really upped her game. I think she has potential she’s holding back but she’s starting to break free and show that potential.

2. Evan is pretty consistent. He and Anna had a futuristic Cha Cha Cha. It’s funny because they did a lot of the robot. Now my favorite Futuristic dance was the Paso Doble that Derek and his partner last season (Joanna Krupa) did. That was phenomenal imo.

3. Niecy seems to actually do better with ballroom than she does the latin dances. She upped her game this week and it showed. When it came down to it, she went home though.

4. Chad was in the bottom 2. My mom heard the Entertainment people saying their predictions would be he would go home this week, Nicole would win followed by Evan but never said who would have 3 and 4 spots. Their predictions were wrong. He’s still in it.

5. Nicole… OMG what can you say. She’s excellent! She pushes herself a little much which sometimes causes flaws but she’s basically flawless. Sometimes I think Len is a little to hard on her with his scores/criticisms and OMG their 1950’s style Paso Doble was outstanding. Derek is a good choreographer when it comes to that type of thing!

Click here for past week results!

Weekend fun

Usually my life isn’t always so busy but it seems like since we announced we were engaged/getting married, started looking for/buying a house, etc it’s been so stinking busy! I’m ready for a slow down but I hear that doesn’t happen, instead it just goes faster and faster and faster and faster and well you get the point!

It started Thursday night, my dad bought a load of Alfalfa hay so we all brought a change of clothes with us to work, dad hauled the trailer in and after work we headed to the hayfield. I think the bale count was 110. Mom drove, Dad & Prince Charming threw bales up to me and I stacked. Then we tied them off and headed home. Since we came straight from work PC & I followed the loaded trailer in my Mustang and I’ll tell you, I’m glad we tied it down! There have been many loads we haven’t but this one leaned to the right bad! We made it home though!!! and got all the load put up into the loft. I had a nice blister on my finger b/c I was using PC’s gloves and they are to big but I couldn’t find mine. So Friday morning dad said we were going back Friday evening. This time we all ran home, changed clothes and headed out to the field together. Again another 110 bales. I wrapped my blister in a bandaid to give it extra cushion and then finally found my gloves, which I might add STINK! I need new gloves!

We all had our same positions as the night before but dad had mom put the truck in 4×4 high instead of low and she threw me all around the trailer going and stopping so PC had her kick it into 4×4 low and it was much better!

Saturday we all got up and headed with my dad to get feed and wanted to go to the flower shop but they weren’t open yet so we went back home, unloaded feed and went back to the flower shop. Got PC’s mom a rose bush for Mother’s Day, my grandma a flowering plant, a couple flowers for our new house and then headed to town. Got a bunch done, walked around Home Depot and Lowes for ideas, got a bridal shower present and a wedding present for 2 different people, mom picked up some make-up and the make-up lady got to meet PC finally (she did my make-up for our first date :)), went to the store… busy day. We got home around 6. Then fixed up the crockpot ingredients for Mother’s Day dinner and headed to bed.


Wrangler Ad

Ok so I got addicted to reading the Pioneer Woman’s website. At first just the blogs, but then saw her photography site so after reading just blogs, I started to tackle all old photography blogs. I so would love to get better! I admit, photoshop has taken away some of the greatness that people strive for in shots b/c oh photoshop will fix that later, etc… but I’m still trying to learn it anyway. It cracks me up that she always has shots of her husband and other cowboys in their jeans &/or Chaps or chinks, but I’m a country girl, I dig it!

So anyway one day I was at my house playing around with my camera and decided I wanted to create my own cowboy butt shot (yup I just said butt, you can call it a hiney, a gluteus maximus, a tuckus whatever you want, it’s still his backside). Prince Charming and my dad were riding horses and since one of our mares is getting ready to foal, PC has been riding my show gelding so I’ve been footing it or else riding the fence (not literally, get your mind out of the gutter ;), just a figure of speech… others that are said is riding the pine). So I took it upon myself to make my butt shot!

It still needs a little work but this is really only my third attempt at photoshop. I cheated by using some of the PW Actions. My first goal was I did the burned edges. The I sharpened it and then turned it black and white. Changed the opacity so some color came through, then I hit it with Seventies twice. I think I did something else too but I can’t remember now, I’d have to go get the original. I’ve tweeked it a little since this shot and PC really likes it. My fave part, isn’t he going to love his rear is on the internet :). The best part is it really looks like a Wrangler ad out of a magazine….

So what do you think?? (and avoid looking at my dirty saddle please!!!)

The End! Lots of Love,
Nicole 🙂

Some Cute Little Funnies

Ok I cannot take credit for these, I just thought they were cute! But I am adding my comments to the end if i feel there should be one 🙂
1. I think part of a best friend’s job should be to immediately clear your computer history if you die.— Haha I gotcha back!
2. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong.— fully agree with this statement! Then you have to admit it…..
3. I totally take back all those times I didn’t want to nap when I was younger.— yeah I love my sleep but really I think I did when I was a kid too though…
4. There is great need for a sarcasm font.— I had a friend say they did, it was called Times New Roman (what he types in every day anyway)
5. How the heck are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?— um… very carefully?? yeah it is a little difficult.
6. Was learning cursive really necessary?–I don’t agree with this one… I write in cursive most of the time anyway….
7. Map Quest really needs to start their directions on # 5. I’m pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.— sometimes it’s helpful to know which direction out of your neighborhood it wants to take it you… now my fiance’s GPS system likes to drop me off in the middle of housing developments….
8. Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how the person died.— that might make the more sad though…
9. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t at least kind of tired.
10. Bad decisions make good stories.— sometimes… not always


DWTS – Week 7

So I really thought about calling it Then There were 5 and I could have, no one was holding a gun to my head saying I had to call it DWTS – Week 7 but I figured since that’s what I called all the rest I should keep at it… I might change next week who knows or even cares….

so this weeks episode saw a lot of mix up in the leaders/scores. In the individual dances we had our first perfect 30, that was Evan & Anna and it was fabulous! Nicole & Derek stayed in second with a 27. But one of my faves moved forward, that’s Erin & Maks. She got a 27 right along side Nicole. I think she had a break through! Then they did the group dances. This was 2 teams vs each other. Team GaGa (danced to a Lady GaGa song) and Team Madonna (danced to a Madonna song… haha get it) My opinion, Team GaGa did the better job and the scores proved it. It was phenomenal!! Team GaGa consisted of Pamela & Damian, Nicole & Derek, & Chad & Cheryl. by the way Cheryl keeps sporting jewelry that really a girlfriend/fiance/wife should wear, not a dancing instructor but they claim it’s nothing.

Then Team Madonna consisted of Niecy & Louis, Erin & Maks, and Evan & Anna. It wasn’t bad but I just didn’t think their Cha Cha had the same WOW affect that the other one did. But hey that’s my opinion but I think by the judges scores that showed.

When those scores were all totaled it really shook up the leader board. Erin & Pamela were in the bottom 2 but Pamela wound up going home. It was sad!!!

So there you have it, if you want to see my ramblings about the other weeks click here now.

Our Story – His Side

Our paths crossed long before we knew. Starting in kindergarten and first grade of course we were in different classes but we were at the same school. Then a few years went by and our paths cross again. In our home town there were 6 grade schools and they all shared the same band teacher Mr. Macafee, once a year the 5th and 6th grade band classes from all 6 schools would come together for a few practices and 1 performance.

Again we still did not know each other but we were in the same place at the same time. There was only one Jr High school so when we hit the 7th grade we finally had a class together… (can ya guess what it was?)….. that’s right it was Band. so we talked a few times in 7th grade I think and in 8th grade, then in the 9th grade we had a second class together. Animal science and boy was it interesting, I probably would not have passed that class had it not been for Nicole. We would even annoy the teacher together.

Then in the 10th grade in High School we had 2 classes together again band and English. Again in English she kept me awake and helped me pass the class. (Now is where the good stuff begins.)

During band that year we got the opportunity to go to Florida to Disney World, that place is where the beginning of the magic happened. We spent a lot of time together in that magical place and crushes developed. However it wasn’t until a few weeks later I believe that either one of us admitted that. (Here is where i go dumb for about 9 years!)

I finally asked her out on a date and was told that she needed to ask her parents. So… what did I do duhhhhh I went out and found a girl who would go out with me!! 😉 (I love you hunny!!!) And I broke her heart!! 🙁

So 9 years of Dumb and I have just returned from a tour in Afghanistan and I am sitting on my friends back porch one night when I get a push notification on my iPhone. It said that I had a facebook friend request. So I opened Facebook and was sooooo excited to see her name that I couldn’t wait to send her a message and see what she was up to.


King of the Jungle!!

**Warning** These are not my best photos. I was using my Point & Shoot in low light conditions and I kept moving…. Please don’t judge me! I left my dSLR at home :(.*********

So Sunday Tbug was in a Church performance for Fairview Christian Church. It was called:

King of the Jungle

The cool thing about Fairview Christian Church is it is very child/Youth oriented. Our church doesn’t seem to be so Children oriented. Our Youth group is much smaller. (in both Churches Prince Charming & I attend, mine & his)