The Original PW Cookbook

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Yesterday’s post got really long, really fast… so I thought I’d discuss the cookbook incident today. You know, in a separate post.

When the initial cookbook came out, it was back in 2010 (technically late 2009, but I went to the signing in 2010). I remember because I drove to Stillwater, Oklahoma to get it signed and meet her. My husband and I were due to get married that year. Oddly enough I had to tell her all about that. Like she cared. haha. But this, this is how I remember 2010.

Along about that time I had read the book/watched the movie, Julie and Julia. If you don’t know that story, Julie Powell cooked her way through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking cookbook. Btw, if I ever had the opportunity to do that, I want to. But that cookbook scares the crap out of me! Another story for another day!

So all about that time, a lot of bloggers joined in on the 101 in 1001 days project. When I saw everyone jumping on the bandwagon, well I decided I needed to partake too. Coming up with 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days is difficult, I’m here to tell you! By doing that, my husband and I did some interesting things that lead to more interesting things… i.e. SCUBA diving, but that’s beside the point. I guess I’m easily distracted.

The cookbook

Let’s stick with that. So in my 101 items, I decided to cook my way through Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook. I didn’t get all the way through, sadly. In fact, I got through 29 of 64 recipes. When you do that math, that’s a Failing Grade. Bummer! Anyway, I mentioned that I got my cookbook signed. I was pretty excited about that. Problem is, my cookbook started falling apart. I guess I used it that much. Even though I got through 29 of the recipes, some were so great that I made them again and again.

So truth be told, I put mine away and stole my mom’s so that I’d quit tearing mine up. While we were at the Merc on Saturday, hubby decided we should buy a second cookbook and have her “re”sign it. He even asked her to put Again when she signed it. haha. So he told me to put this new one away and use my old one that is falling apart. haha :).

Side note: So a funny about me… I don’t EVER put my purse or camera bag on the floor. I’m a bit of a germaphobe at times. So to get my picture taken with Ree (above) I threw not only my camera bag on the floor but my jacket. And then… I had the keys to the truck in my jacket pocket. When I went to find my keys to leave and was digging through my jeans pocket and they weren’t there. I started to freak out and was like I hope they’re in the pockets of my jacket. Hubby was like me too because you actually threw your jacket on the floor back there. I found them. They were in the right jacket pocket :).

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