Throw your camera in the water…

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…And see how people react 🙂  Disclaimer! Only do that if you have a waterproof camera!!

Anyway… Tuesday night hubby and I got the opportunity to do something wild and CRAZY :). haha.

We got the opportunity to “Try it Tuesday” also known as scuba diving in a heated swimming pool.  Earl’s sister and brother in law are certified scuba divers and through different means, we all got invited to go try out scuba diving.

Not going to lie, I always kind of wanted to learn to Scuba Dive and I even put it on my 101 in 1001 list.  Yup, I sure was confident, wasn’t I?  lol.

And those aren’t called Flippers, Flipper is a dolphin, they are called fins, just so you know.  And fins are extremely hard to walk in!  Then add the weight of the air tank and I about fell over 4 times until I got the weight distribution thing figured out.

They had to try 3 different pair of fins on me before they gave up and gave me adjustable ones.

T beat us in the water.  Now being 8 he can’t become certified yet, however he can scuba dive in a swimming pool with an instructor present.  You bet he was all over that and he had a blast.  Of course he’s always been a fish, you should see him when he comes over to our pool in the summer.  He’s going to have a long year and a half wait time to turn 10.

Now Pokey doesn’t like water in his face.  Earl wasn’t quite sure if Pokey would like it, but Pokey is also one, let him do it at his own pace and he’ll even get underwater in our pool.  He was doing sooo good.  In fact, Earl said he didn’t like water especially in his eyes and they got him to take his mask off, under water, put it back on and blow the water out. 

oh Hai, Yup, that’s hubby and me.  The pool water was a bit on the murky side, not sure why.

They wanted us to swim down along the bottom.  At first I couldn’t get off the top portion of the water so they put a 2lb weight in my vest and that helped me.  Then I was scraping my knees on the bottom and could actually sit on the bottom.  Earl didn’t have any problem getting down there, in fact she put some air in her vest (so not the right technical name) so she wouldn’t worry about scraping her knees.

It’s Pokey and Earl 🙂

I tried smiling with all my might but those goggles refused to let me.  And they aren’t goggles either… goggles are what someone wear (I forget what they told me).  This is a mask.

It was a busy night and luckily we got there early.  Once we were done, they took our tanks/masks/fins and gave them to other people to try out.  We went and sat in the lovely hot tub to chilax.

And then the gator tried to get us… or is it a croc?

Hey again.  Ignore the makeup running down my face and the hair all over the place, k?

T wanted to get back in so he went on the hunt for fins to fit him.  He’s learning that I’ll stalk him until I get a picture. ha!

And Moo even got in on the action and is becoming a fish.  Can’t wait to see what this summer brings for her in the pool!

I may yet get to cross a task off the list of becoming scuba certified… we’ll see.  I’ll let you know 🙂

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  1. That looks like so much fun!! Wow – I think trying in a pool for the first time is defintely the way to go! I hate fish/sea creatures, so I'd never try it in the ocean or anything. LOL

  2. Hi Nicole! I hope you still remember me! haha!! Our Internet is FINALLY fixed, so I'm back 🙂

    This looks like soooo much fun! I love swimming, so this would be right up my alley. Good for you guys for jumping at the opportunity! I hope to try it someday.

  3. I have never tried scuba diving but I think it would be fun. I have snorkeled though- but that isn't nearly the same.

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