Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

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It seems like most years Tbug doesn’t get to be around for my husband’s families Fourth of July party. This year was different though, yey! That means she was in case you didn’t catch that. haha. One of the things the family does is whoever hosts provides the meat usually and everyone else brings a side or dessert.

Since I knew Tbug would be able to make it, I shot her a text and asked if she’d like to make something. She said yes. I then asked if she had any ideas? She said let me think about it. I told her just let me know so I can have all the ingredients needed.

She sent me 4 options…

I told her all were good options, she had to choose which one. She finally decided on the Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches. I then proceeded to click on link after link without really finding the recipe I was looking for, So I went to the drawing board and said, we’ll do our own.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches with Festive Sprinkles

The first thing was to decide on which cookie recipe to use. If there is one thing I can tell you about my family, we don’t like crunchy chocolate chip cookies. We like them to be soft and chewy. After making these, we debated on if this was a good thing or a bad thing. In the end, we decided good, no matter what… good.

The chocolate chip cookie recipe we went with was Joanna Gaines’ recipe from her new cookbook Magnolia Table. I made them the week my husband was in Texas for work and holy cow, he was jealous that he didn’t get to try any. He should have too!

When Tbug got to the house, I already had the butter at room temperature for her, then I turned her loose in the kitchen and said, get to work. Haha… but not before I had her help me with the Cherry Cheesecake French Macarons. Since those have to sit for an hour, we got them going first. In the end, it was late and let her go to bed and finished baking her cookies for her. I’m semi nice like that. haha.

Knowing we needed festive sprinkles, I went online to Amazon just to see what they had. I wanted options. Then I went to the store. Turns out, none of the stores around had red, white, and blue sprinkles so we had to order them from Amazon.

The other decision we had to make was, ice cream. Buy it or make it. In the end, I had run across a recipe on Bigger Bolder Baking for No Churn 2 ingredient ice cream. I sent Tbug a message and asked if she wanted to buy or make. She chose to make so make we did. More often than not when we make homemade ice cream (I do have an ice cream maker…) we are always looking for something to store it in. I decided to invest in an insulated Ice Cream tub for this as well as any other ice cream we make. I believe it was a good thing too.

Day of

So the night before the party we made the cookies and the ice cream. The day of it was time to make them a reality. I was busy trying to finish my cake so I asked for hubby to assist Tbug and Abug in making the ice cream sandwiches.

We decided it might be best to wrap them all individually. I got this huge thing of cling wrap from Sam’s Club and it’s totally worth it! Anyway, we let the ice cream set out for about 15 minutes or so just so it was easier to work with. Got a bowl out for the sprinkles. And then it was time to assemble.

Initially, we were going to have two cookies, ice cream, and then roll the sides in sprinkles. In the end, my ice cream scoop didn’t work as planned. They wound up using a spoon to get the ice cream out. And rolling the cookie in the sprinkles didn’t work either. Bummer. We were just failing left and right it seemed like, but the thing is… you only fail if you quit. They just sprinkled the sprinkles over the ice cream, topped it with a second cookie, wrapped it, and bam good to go.

Then we popped them back in the freezer for most of the day, took them to my sister-in-law’s house in our ice chest in the bed of the truck on ice, and popped them into her freezer until we were ready for dessert. By the end of the night, we had none left. SCORE!

So there you have it… Yummy, ice cream chocolate chip cookie sandwiches. If at first you don’t succeed, back up, reconfigure, and punt again! It’ll all work in the end! See!!


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