Family Fourth of July

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I’ve talked about our Family Fourth of July quite a bit this week between the Spumoni Cake, the Wacky Cake, and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches. A lot of food talk huh? I also made a Greek Pasta Salad. Holy Yum! But hello, where are the pictures of the fireworks? I’m so glad you asked!

I spent quite a bit of time coming up with what desserts we were going to take. Then making sure I had all the ingredients. Finally, the execution.

We bought silly foam just to attack my sister-in-law. I missed this because I don’t know where I was, but at least hubby got me pictures!!

This is what happens when you’re holding a lit punk and putting bug spray on either your daughter, niece, or yourself… you touch your skin with a punk and it hurts! Just FYI.

One of the few things Abug picked out. Tbug felt excited because she got to be one of the “big kids” and help light fireworks this year. Hubby oversaw all the “kids.” I’m not sure there are very many fireworks events we’ve been to where I’ve actually gotten to just watch with my husband. Usually, he’s involved in the production.

Crazy how fast these kiddos are growing up. I’m sad a little that there is such an age difference between the two littles and the rest. I’m worried that there won’t be this great group of kids to have fun at family events like there is now…

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