Let’s Get Grillin’

With summer coming to a fast close, I thought I would share a couple photos and a couple recipes for you.  I love summer because it’s the best time to Grill!  Now some of my friends live off their grill both summer and winter, we however have only had our grill since June (it was my husband’s birthday present (his birthday is November 1) that he got on Father’s Day, yes I know that’s screwed up) so who knows what this winter and the grill may or may not bring.

Obviously this was before Pokey broke his arm
Since we lost weight, all of hubs pants were way to big!!!


Journal of a Joplin Teacher

With School starting in the area, I thought this was just really cool.  Maybe not something y’all would be interested in, however some of this stuff I want to remember.

This is from the journal of a teacher in Joplin, Missouri, as the
school year is beginning. It puts many things into perspective.

This may end up being my last tornado journal update. You want to know why?

Because for the first time in 87 days, I have been able to breathe today.   I have been able to feel almost normal today. My kids were able to sleep and  have something to wake up for today. We didn’t have to spend our summer days wishing the pools hadn’t been destroyed. We didn’t have to wish we could go to our favorite parks, only to remember that they are no longer there.
We didn’t have to do anything that revolved around the tornado. We got to get up and go to school!

With the help of donations from around the world, these kids came back in style! Every child received a backpack with Joplin Eagles and our eagle logo on the front that was filled with school supplies appropriate for the grade. Every high school student–whether they were going back to school at the mall campus or the old middle school–received a laptop in the backpack. They will do all of their learning via the computers since the textbooks were destroyed.


Heart in the Clouds

So how about let’s be totally Random on Friday?  Sounds good to me anyway 🙂

1.  Do you notice what’s in this picture?  (hint: The title gives it away)

Do you see it?  It’s to the upper left side….

2.  If you are a full time farmer, seeing skies like this probably have you torn.  On the one hand it would be GREAT for your crop to get the moisture, but… if you have hay on the ground, you don’t want it getting wet.  Decisions, Decisions!


Fake Out Lasagna

Who doesn’t love the comfort foods?  Ok maybe some people don’t…

But come on, Lasagna, Chicken Noodles, Chicken and Dumplings…

And maybe they are better in the winter time, when it’s cold outside.

But at the same time, if you’ve had a rough day at work, sometimes it is nice to come home and make these anyway…

But sometimes, Lasagna takes for-eva it seems like to make.  Especially on a week night when, you get home from work, usually late, and you are plum tarded (that’s really tired for those of you confused).  Now you can buy those frozen lasagna’s that you just put in the oven, but come on, homemade is usually so much better!  My grandma taught me an easy way to make a “quick” lasagna way back when and I kind of added my own special touches to it :).  But it’s a fake out lasagna that helps you achieve that comfort food, fast!

Let me introduce you to the:

Fake Out Lasagna

1 lb Hamburger
1 jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce.
1 pkg frozen ravioli, your favorite flavor
8 oz Mozzarella Cheese
Seasonings of your choice.

Brown up the hamburger.

Season up your hamburger.  I chose Garlic & pepper seasoning & one of our Chicago spices, but season it up how you like!