Wife gets a cooking lesson

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Prior to getting married, if someone said they wanted Mac & Cheese, to me that meant Kraft Mac & Cheese in the blue box.

In fact, I like the cheap stuff, but it has to be Kraft.  I’ve never been real crazy about the “cheap” off brands although I’ve tried them before and they work really well if you are mixing them with something, but if just eating straight Mac & Cheese, give me Kraft, you know, the one in the blue box ;).

So the other weekend I told hubby I wanted Mac & Cheese for lunch one day.  I went digging through the cupboard and wound up with nothing.  Dang, no Mac & Cheese, really?  He was like:
You have noodles right? Yes
You have milk right?  Yes
You have butter right? Yes
You have cheese right?  Yes
Then what else do you need?  Kraft in the box?

To which he laughed at me.  So he showed me that as long as I had the above ingredients I could have Mac & Cheese.

Boil water.

Cook the pasta.

Add some butter.

Add some cheese.  Singles happened to be all we had at the time so singles it was.

Add some milk.  Eyeball it…

Mix together and let the cheese melt.

And some good ole Pepper and viola, you’re good to go!

Who knew it could be that simple?  Yeah I know, I read recipes like they are books… Yes I know I try new recipes all the time… however, Mac & Cheese had always come out of the little blue box… until now 😉

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  1. Loks OK, but froim a dairy farmers daughter here, you know that stuff isn't really cheeses right”
    Noodles , homemade cheese sauce, crummbled crackers on top, bake until brown. You will never go back to the blue box .Well you might but this is waaay better

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