Garden #2

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Yes, you read that title correctly. I started my first garden in March. It sounded like a good thing… but garden number 2. Now I think I’ve seriously lost my mind. So here’s how we got to this point…

When I finally decided to start a garden, I had 2 places chosen. One was where the original garden went in and the second was this spot.

There were pros and cons to each spot that was chosen.

Original garden

  • Pros
    • Closer to the house
    • Closer to water
  • Cons
    • Less potential space
    • Trees in the yard to contend with

This garden area

  • Pros
    • Larger area
    • Very few items to compete with (i.e. trees)
    • Lots of sunlight
  • Cons
    • Harder to get water to 

Because of this… the other area was chosen. Then, I started to have “issues” getting my corn to grow (or so I thought at the time). So yesterday morning I decided I was going to start a garden in the second location

I seriously think I need my head examined at this point. haha.

So above in the picture are 3 circles. Those were the areas I set as 3 of my 4 corners. The 4th corner isn’t obviously visible in this picture, but it is by the pumpkins I planted on Saturday (picture below).

Saturday night I decided to plant pumpkin plants. I did a little research as to how to plant/where to plant. Before this, I’ve only grown voluntary pumpkins… you know, you gut a pumpkin and throw the seeds in the fence row. Anyway, where I decided to place the pumpkins turned out to be a good 4th corner for the garden. Since I had just planted them the night before, I didn’t have to worry about getting into the root system, I just had to avoid the plants/roots themselves.

It was time to start the plot. Now, I was fighting a timeline. The little had a dance recital (they did an awesome thing for this while still following Covid-19 guidelines) I had to get to at noon. I needed to get this done and get a shower all before noon.

I picked the tiller up over the plants. I did have to get more straw for the base of the pumpkins, otherwise, I didn’t touch the pumpkins.

At around 7-7:30 a.m., there is shade on the far east side of the garden. That went away quickly which was something I was looking for as plants love the full sun (for the most part).

Once I did one way, I then went the other way across the patch. My goal was to go over the patch 2 times both directions.

To my surprise, I was still hitting these ginormous rocks. My grandma told me that this part of this yard had never been tilled or fertilized. This is actually in the yard of a house my dad grew up in and I lived in as well. 

I sent hubby to town to get fertilizer for the garden since I didn’t have an easy way to move soil from the manure pit. 

I made a few corrections to this garden from my previous. The other garden I didn’t leave a walkway around which makes it difficult to till or even walk around. So I made sure to leave a path about 1-2 swipes with my lawnmower. My lawnmower deck is 54″ wide.

Hubby bought fertilizer. We went with 13-13-13 on the suggestion of my dad. My grandma agreed. Later in the afternoon when it cooled off I went out and watered the garden. I plan to till it again today and then we’re off and running in the planting. Wish us luck… 

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