Memorial Day Weekend – Coronavirus edition

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This Memorial Day Weekend we found ourselves back at the lake. Last year we skipped out on the lake and went to KC house shopping, but this year, what is there to do? 

We bought a camper earlier this year and had big plans for it. So far, the best it has done was to house my husband’s office when schools closed.

Finally, it got to move… And guess what, it didn’t crunch the cab of the truck! Yey!

And while we had plans to SCUBA dive this weekend, we had more fun on our boat. What? Yup, we got a boat. It’s not new… in fact, I’d call it vintage or classic… do they refer to boats like that? It’s a 1976 Baja. It was my grandpas. He passed away in 2010… The boat had maintenance done to it just before that. We pulled it out of the barn a few weeks ago, hubby changed the gas and she fired up. She has a few issues. 

In fact, the drive cable broke. Simple fix and really one of the easiest things to go wrong. I wound up towing the boat back to shore on a kayak. They were a little way offshore and I heard it die. I jumped on Jared’s kayak and went out to see what happened. They told me to tow them in. I thought they were joking, but they weren’t. We had a tube on it so I got the girls off the tube. One drug the kayak for me while I rowed and the other sat on the front. (The one on the front was my little…)

We loaded her back on the trailer (why am I referring to the boat as her??) and brought her home to be fixed. As I said, it’ll be a simple fix.

There were SCUBA divers. My gear saw the water, but I wasn’t in it. A friend used my gear.

I played on the kayaks and the paddleboard. I only crashed into the water once.

Ever done a paddleboard? They are a lot of fun and addicting.

Deb’s birthday usually falls around Memorial Day weekend. This year, we surprised her with silly string.

And one to make my mom happy… obviously.

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