The Thursday Random’s

1.  Boy doesn’t that kind of sound like a newspaper title?

2.  So my car rolled over 10,000 miles yesterday morning as I was pulling in to work.  It kind of made me sad, I’m not gonna lie!

3.  So I have been saying for years I wanted to make a turkey.  At my house we only eat turkey’s on Thanksgiving, well that type of turkey anyway.  This year, I’ll actually get to take my stab at making a turkey.  We aren’t going to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving which is very sad how that all came to play, but it is what it is and we can’t dwell on things.  Last year I watched PW’s throwdown against Bobby Flay {where she won… heck yeah} and decided then that if I ever got to make a turkey, it would be hers.  So that’s the plans.  Well her turkey has to be brined.  Um… you need a big pan or pot for that, so hubby gave me one of my Christmas presents early.  Isn’t she a beaut?