Eetza Birthday Partaey

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For about a month leading up to Abug’s birthday she begged and pleaded (okay, that’s a bit of an extreme but we are referring to a toddler here….) that she wanted cookies and a cake and cupcakes for her birthday. I promised her I would take care of her. Now, she was back and forth between cupcakes and cake, but the cookies… they were definitely a want.

She chose Princess Elena of Avalor theme for her party so the cookies were Princess Elena’s dress. I was quite pleased with how they turned out. At first, I wasn’t so sure but once they were done, I was pleased. This year I took cookies to the lake for her “lake birthday.”

A couple days before her birthday I decided on cupcakes in the shape of a Princess Elena dress to go along with the theme of the cookies. She prefers chocolate cake over vanilla although she isn’t really picky, so I went with chocolate cake into cupcakes. I made the yellow sash with a piece of ribbon. It was easier than trying to do it with icing and I was afraid a red sash wouldn’t stand out.

Part of the reason we chose Princess Elena is she really likes the tv show on Disney, but also she got to go to Cozumel this year. Princess Elena is the first Hispanic Princess so it was a win win, right? Being she is Hispanic, we decided on a Mexican food theme. Tacos, hubby’s salsa, guacamole, cheese dip (queso), and refried beans.

We had Princess Elena decorations. I think these poppers went over best. We had quite the entertainment going on blowing them at each other….

then it was time for the birthday girl to open her presents. This kid is obsessed with two things… saying Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween. She was excited that it was finally time to wish herself a happy birthday. Abug’s actual birthday was Monday. Hubby had to leave town on Monday for work (this was Sunday) and Tbug was with us that Sunday. Then Memaw had to work on Monday evening as well and everyone else had to work during the day, except my FIL, he’s retired. So long story short, it was best to do her birthday on Sunday… then everyone got to be involved. Plus, she got to have multiple days of birthday! Win win for her!

It was finally time to open presents. Poor kid had to wait and wait what seemed like forever, especially in kid terms. So I wanted to take pictures/videos of her opening her presents. She’s so funny because I told her to move to the front of the room and she moved right in front of me. To get most of the shots I had to lean backwards.

She got money, a swimming pool Barbie, Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Ambulance, a Slide for the Pool, and lots more. The kid made out on this birthday! She deserves it though!

One thing she got was her own set of playing cards… Doc McStuffins. So that afternoon Memaw, Tbug, and Abug played Go Fish.

Then she got to do one of her favorite things…. Riding horses.

On her actual birthday Abug got flowers from two of her favorite people, a Princess Elena book, another swimsuit cover-up, and dinner out with Mommy, Papa, and Grandma.

She kept telling me she wanted cake for her birthday. We decided to go to Outback and so I promised her we’d get dessert for her birthday. She chose Cheesecake.

That was just the start for her birthday week. At my house we tend to do birthday weeks for some reason… lol.

And one last piece… I love to take a picture of gas prices on her birthday… so here we go…

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