Birthday Partaey

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Yes I know I misspelled Party and yes I know how to spell party. With all the memes going around Facebook right now with misspelling the word pregnant…. Just throwing out there I can spell Party.

Anyway last month (since we are in November now) we attended a birthday party for our friend JP. She turned 6 or am I crazy and she turned 7. Wow now I’m questioning myself…. let me consult… She is in fact 6.

Anyway… let’s say that again :)…. we went to JP’s birthday party. woohoooo! It was a Halloween theme. Abug didn’t dress up in anything other than a dress… she likes dresses these days….

Check out the little boy stealing her cheetos while she’s eating her hotdog….

Same little boy as above. I hear she might be sweet on him???

I better be invited over to play this at some point… Just saying! I always wanted this game as a little kid.

I think Abug might be making out her Christmas list….

Hubby is buying KP’s friendship with tic-tacs. My go to of choice is usually cheetos 🙂

And I’m not sure Abug was happy that 1) KP was sitting on her daddy’s lap and 2) he was eating tic-tacs.

Jody might even be making out her Christmas list…. 😉

I made decorated sugar cookies as well as this cookie cake here. Sadly it wasn’t the same recipe as my $130 recipe because I forgot which recipe I used for the $130 recipe until later. It was good though :).

The wind was blowing a million miles an hour that day so we were having trouble lighting her candles.

And yes, yes I was there. My buglet even took her picture with me :).

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