My Weekend Recap & a Prayer Request

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Haha so my Sunday late afternoon before Sunday Night dinner was spent watching Lifetime Movies.  Oh no, the Christmas movie watching has commenced.  I love Christmas movies!  Actually truth be told I watch them year round, however tv has started airing them and I’ve started watching new ones!

A couple things I’m looking forward to this week, you know besides the obvious, Thanksgiving! … A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (or whatever the official title is), Our Friendsgiving next Sunday night and The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. :).  However I wondered if Hurricane Sandy had any effect on that?  Anyone know?

Generally I don’t get to watch the parade because I’m usually always on the road, either headed to my aunts house in southern Oklahoma or running around here visiting people.  This year I’ve made it a point that I’d REALLY like to watch the parade, but it probably won’t happen either.  Maybe I’ll DVR it and watch it later but that’s so not the same.  We’ll see.


One of my friend’s husbands is having surgery today.  I’d really appreciate extra prayers and thoughts sent their way!  It isn’t really my place to go into details so I won’t, but I’d just like some extra love sent their way!!

Yesterday I made some food and took to them so that they didn’t have to worry about cooking after the surgery!  One less thing they have to stress about!  It is out patient surgery so that’s definitely a good thing!

I made them Mexican Cheese Soup (recipe to follow this week!)

Store bought Pillsbury Reece’s peanut butter cookies.  Earl will be so happy that I cheated with store bought and didn’t make from scratch… lol 🙂  btw, very good, I recommend!  and nope, they didn’t pay me to say that!

And the finale was Mexican Lasagna.  So thought I’ve shared this recipe with you, but hubby says he’s never had it which means I haven’t made it in the whole time this blog has been up and running so I’ll share that shortly too :).  You’re welcome. ha!

Now I must confess, in both of the dishes (not the cookies) I had issues with the onions.  I seriously thought the Mexican Cheese Soup was supposed to have onions and green onions… no such thing!  Then with the Mexican Lasagna, it was supposed to have half an onion and I decided to dice the whole thing.  Sure, why not!

So the take home message from today’s post is:

  • Keep my friend and her husband in your prayers!
  • I really want to watch the parade.
  • I know how to cook and will soon share recipes (some even as early as this week)
  • I love Christmas movies.
  • Onions and I don’t get along apparently.
    • Onions have layers… just ask Shrek 🙂

Ok anyway Happy Monday!  This is a short work week and will end with a wonderful family get together which is definitely a reason to be Thankful!

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0 thoughts on “My Weekend Recap & a Prayer Request

  1. Prayers for your friend's dad and family.

    You know, I haven't watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in YEARS! Maybe this year.

    I love Christmas movies, too! Trying to not watch them until after Thanksgiving. For me, the Christmas season doesn't start until 8pm on Thanksgiving. (growing up that's when the Plaza lights went on – signally the start of Christmas)

  2. I love Hallmark Christmas movies! Chris even likes them. Actually he says he hates them because he gets too into it and gets “stuck” and ends up getting nothing done. My brother in law and family are coming to stay with us, so I think all the kids and I will definitely be watching the parade. I can't wait for 4 days of uninterrupted family time.

  3. How nice of you to take food to your friends- and yes will send prayers their way.

    So many people seem to be posting pictures of food lately, I think everyone is trying to make me hungry all the time!

  4. I hope all goes well with your friend's husband's surgery!!

    the cookies look good, I'll keep them in mind when I'm shopping.

    I'm visiting you from the Monday No Rules Blog Hop.

  5. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, then I'm ready for Christmas movies!
    Mmm, I want a cookie.
    Prayers for your friend and her hubby!

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