Cozumel México: Casa Mission Restaurant

On our last night in Cozumel, Grady made reservations for Casa Mission, which is a sister restaurant to La Mission that Deb, Jared, Karen, Hubby, and I ate at Wednesday night. We went to the concierge and he got a van taxi so we could all ride together. I hate to say it, their driving is a bit scary to us, but it doesn’t seem like they have the accidents we do at home, which is weird to say the least. We drove around most of the building and there was artwork like this all sides we went past. Someone has serious talent.

It was a little bit of a walk into the restaurant and they had the yard beautifully landscaped. Wow!


Cozumel México: La Mission and Cozumel

Wednesday night a few of us decided not to do a night dive, so we decided to venture in to Cozumel, especially since hubby and I had never been before. It was hubby, Jared, Karen, Deb, and me. Hubby and I said we weren’t sure where to eat so we told Jared, pick somewhere. In the lobby of the hotel we decided to go to La Mission. We had the concierge get a cab for us and we headed off to town. It really wasn’t that far but our cab ride was $7. Not bad!

They started us off with Chips and Pico style salsa. It isn’t salsa like we’re used to in the states, it is more like pico that we’re used to. The chips were also thicker than we have back home. They weren’t bad but they weren’t my favorite. I prefer a thinner tortilla chip.


Cozumel México: Rolandi’s Pizzaria & Mr. Chelato’s Ice Cream

So I’m working on going through the couple thousand of photos taken between me and 10 other people in Cozumel. There are so many great photos and so much great stuff to put out there, but boy, going through and deciding how I really want to proceed is a bit tedious. So I decided to start with one of the restaurants we ate at the second night we were in Cozumel.

Deb and Grady told us WE HAD to eat at Rolandi’s Pizzaria. At first we laughed and said, but we can get pizza at home… Okay, I must concur, this was a great place to eat! Totally worth it!

Grady had us start out with their garlic bread. Now this was a lot more like a tortilla than bread, but again… very good. It was grilled flatbread covered in garlic. Then we made an olive oil/balsamic vinegar mixture to dip it in. Even better.