The Farmer’s Daughter – An Ozark Eatery – Cassville, MO

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This picture and the next were taken during our first visit to The Farmer’s Daughter restaurant back in the Fall of 2018. That was the first and last time we’d eaten there until last night. There are a couple of reasons behind that… one we don’t live in Cassville. We usually just pass through on our way to the lake. And it’s not just right around the corner from our house either. And 2, our first experience there wasn’t so great. But that all changed last night!

Last night we were actually on our way home from the lake. We got a boat this year. We’ve taken it to the lake a few times. Yesterday was one of those days. While on the lake, we were going to stop at a restaurant where you pull up in your boat, but a rainstorm was blowing in so we high tailed it back up to load the boats (yes, 2, we now have 2… long story) up on the trailer and get headed home. As I said, Cassville is on our way to and from the lake, so we stopped. We thought we’d give it a try again.

I’m soooooooooooo glad we did. The menu has totally changed and wow, the food was amazing!

The Farmer’s Daughter
An Ozark Eatery
18947 S. Highway-37
Cassville, Missouri

We started with Fried Brussel Sprouts: Crispy fried Brussel sprouts tossed in a sweet bacon jam & candied pecans. OMG! I’m so friggin glad that we ordered this because WOW. I really could have made a meal out of this alone. It was that yummy! They hit it out of the park with this one for sure!

My Steak (hint I got a steak) came with 2 sides. I went with a salad with extra ranch for one of my sides. My little and I have a deal, if she tries lettuce, she can eat some of my cheese. We’re slowly working her into eating a salad. haha. When I was young, I thought a salad consisted of Ranch, croutons, and cheese. Sometimes I’d add bacon bits. haha. This was a very good salad. If the dressing wasn’t homemade, they had me fooled.

Then I went with the Cowhand: 12 oz. Angus NY strip steak, medium rare of course. My other side was creamed corn plus a biscuit. Now the steak… YUM! Totally worth it and I was sad I couldn’t eat it all. I brought home the leftovers! The corn… gosh, I love creamed corn. This was good. And that biscuit, forgetaboutit (said in my best New York Accent). The biscuit appeared almost like cornbread, but it was a yummy biscuit. I’m ready for more of all the below (I can’t say above, the picture is below, although I’d go for all the above too, including the red truck… just saying).

The little went with The Little ‘Moo’: Small hamburger with cheddar & choice of toppings. Her toppings include ketchup and cheese only. They were out of french fries, so she went with mashed potatoes. YUM! They were good. I didn’t try the cheeseburger, only the mashed potatoes but yum. She made me bring home what she had leftover.

So I’m really happy that we gave it a second chance. And look how cute that hamburger bun is.

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