Get my Birthday Outfit Look

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 Shirt – Sonoma (last summer) // jeans – Cowgirl Tough // boots – Durango (type in FFACHAPTER to get $50 off) // necklace – Duck & Dressing // Belt Buckle – Won showing Cutting Horses! // Sunglasses – Extreme Sports Scuba

No… I’m not a fashion blogger. Far from it. I like to read fashion blogs and see how unfashionable I actually am. But when I woke up yesterday and realized it was my birthday, I decided that I wanted to dress up. Everyone commented on how I was “dressed up” too, so I decided to share my look with you in case you want to be “fashionable” just like me :).

So what did I dress up to go do? Well, ride horses of course! And get a good start on Chores for my dad.

Watch – Fossil – Men’s John Deere Brand
*Pulled from my old blog Paved Dirt Roads

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