365 – July – Photos 305-335 – Take 2

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305/366 – A picture of food it is… Some days that’s what you get…

306/366 – We hosted the big Family 4th of July this year. I have to say it was a lot of fun and a success!

307/366 – Don’t you keep your stickers on a baby dolls head?

308/366 – Happy Independence Day!

309/366 – Lovely evening walks with my baby!

310/366 – And then there were 3. We’re losing this generation way to fast!

311/366 – A great fireworks celebration at Dive Club Meeting! Oh and there was excellent food and good friends too

312/366 – Apparently someone had too much fun in my pool last night!!??!!

313/366 – Little Pi had a blanket on for the first time. She’s a 2 year old this year. Born the same year as Abug.

314/366 – Mowing hay and moving farm machinery. All in a days work!

315/366 – 20% chance of rain to a 90% chance of rain on Tuesday. With unpredictable weather like that, it’s anyone’s bet. But all the hay is done tonight, so bring on the rain tomorrow!

316/366 – Play dates at their finest.

317/366 – Fin overboard, Fin overboard

318/366 – Spending the evening with my loves at the county fair. It’s hard to believe it’s been 12 years since I showed here… dang I’m old….

319/366 – Checking out the livestock at the county fair. I’d sure like to know what was going through her head right about now….

320/366 – there was just something about the colors today!

321/366 – A great day for a ballgame! Springfield Cardinals versus the Arkansas Travelers. Cards lost to the Travelers 7 to 4

322/366 – it’s a beautiful day to play with bubbles and my little girl. She loves bubbles!!

323/366 – Wish me luck!

324/366 – I can’t help myself… I absolutely LOVE sunsets!

325/366 – Never fear, friends will be there (I really think here would rhyme better but who said I wanted to rhyme?)

326/366 – Raising the next generation up the right way. And my poor dad keeps getting stuck with girls minus my husband

327/366 – “Sissy, wait!” “Well Hurry up!” Four States Farm Show

328/366 – A Shrimp Feast – Grilled shrimp, grilled scallops, shrimp etoufee, crawdad etouffee, crab cakes, crab stuffed jalapeños, Cream cheese stuffed jalapeños wrapped in bacon, cheddar and jalapeño grits, Jalapeño and cheddar hush puppies, green beans, and bread with grandma’s strawberry jam. To say we were stuffed is an understatment!

329/366 – Beautiful skies while walking the driveway tonight!

330/366 – Yum! That’s all!

331/366 – Reflections of a beautiful sunset after a rain shower

332/366 – They say to go to your happy place… Sometimes my happy place is behind the camera.

333/366 – these beautiful boys were enjoying some hay.

334/366 – 33 years ago this lady was 51 and waiting for her granddaughter to be born. Happy to share a birthday with you grandma! Love you!

335/366 – Epic Summer Sunday Afternoon…

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