My birthday

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My Birthday. Well I had one. I’m still on the right side of the ground, so I guess that’s a good thing. I’m now a year older. ….. I got to ride horses. That’s always fun! By the way, have I ever mentioned how much I love my mare? She’s great!

My grandma and I share a birthday. I was born 33 years ago on her 51st birthday.

I went home that night and was looking for a picture for a project for a birthday present I got… and I stumbled across these two gems. I was probably 5-7 years old in these photos. At the time we always ate for my birthday dinner at Garfields. It’s located in our mall and had a photo booth right outside so every year we took pictures.

For my birthday I got Andie Mitchell’s new cookbook (along with her Memoir). The next morning I was so excited to make something from the cookbook, I landed on Greek Yogurt Pancakes because I had all the ingredients!!

That was my 33rd birthday!

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