El Charro Mexican Restaurant {Carthage, MO}

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Last Friday night we picked up my step-daughter and then headed to my parent’s house for her to work with her horse. From there we all went to dinner at El Charro Mexican Restaurant. There are multiple Mexican restaurants in town but this has to be one of my favorites.

Friday night I went with the Number 2 combination meal. Does that tell you anything… NOPE. Okay, so it’s an enchilada, a taco, and a chile relleno. I had my enchilada made as a cheese enchilada with cheese sauce because, why not? By the way, VERY Good! Being the night before my birthday, my parents wanted to tell them because here they put a big sombrero on your head and you wind up with whipped cream on your face. I missed out on that experience though.

One thing I love about hometown restaurants… you run into people you know. I just so happened to run into one of my friends and her little boys. Now what made this so significant is she moved away about 4 years ago or so. Since then she’s lived in New Jersey, Houston, Texas, and now St. Louis, Missouri, but she just so happened to be in town and I got to meet her little boy for the first time (he just turned a year old).

And then we got to view this gorgeous sky before heading home.

*Pulled from my old blog Paved Dirt Roads

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