Honeymoon Day 1

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Ah! We were finally on our honeymoon! So you remember the day after the wedding (this same day) I posted a blog up saying it was official and on a side note I set off airport security. Well we took my hair out later that night and counted the bobby pins. There were 28 bobby pins in my hair so between the bobby pins and the flower I set off airport security and got patted down at 5:30am by a very nice lady. LOL. Then while she was patting me down she was up around my head and asked if I had a hairpiece in my hair. I was like, Nope, that’s my hair with bobby pins.

Here we are on our flight to Minneapolis. We had a layover there and then headed to our final destination. There were 4 (yes you read that correctly) of us on our airplane plus the flight attendant, pilot and co-pilot. We were lucky they didn’t cancel it on us but the flight attendant said that they had a full plane to pick up in Minneapolis and head to Lincoln, NE. Whew!

Oddly enough, we don’t look like we were running on 4 hrs of sleep… well I don’t anyway, I think PC looks tired here!! He’d had less sleep than me in the days leading up to this.


Out the window of the plane somewhere between NW Arkansas and Minneapolis.


I was really tired and trying to keep myself awake. We played Bejeweled 2 A LOT! PC snoozed some.


Ah! Coke my friend! How I’ve missed you!!!
I gave up drinking Coke or pop of any sorts 2 weeks before the wedding. It was difficult!!!


Yes I’m one of those people. I LOVE skyline shots. And at this point all electronic devices should be put up and stowed for landing… I didn’t listen. PC watched guard and I took a photo, REALLY FAST. That’s the closest I’ve ever been to Minneapolis or Minnesota for that matter… the Twin Cities Airport 🙂


I put this photo on facebook with the caption:
You’ve heard of waiting on a woman… well we’re waiting on a plane!

This was somewhere between Minneapolis & our final destination
This plane was full!

And here was our final destination (which a few new but I didn’t tell everyone…)
Chicago, The Windy City!!!
We had a lot of people questioning us as to why we didn’t go somewhere tropical.

We had our choice of staying at one of the older known hotels in the city or a brand new one. We looked at all our options and finally decided to go with The Wit. I’ve been to Chicago 3 previous times with my mom/aunt but PC had never been. With the time we were allotted for our honeymoon this seemed like the perfect destination! The Wit is the building in front of us with the lightening bolt going down it. Oddly enough at night, it doesn’t light up! I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a place to stay. The best part, for $2.50 you can jump on the “L” right inside Chicago O’Hare Airport and ride it all the way to 2 blocks from the hotel!!!

We were attempting to get a shot of the hotel in the background. Look over PC’s shoulder, you’ll see the lightening bolt!

When we got there it was right around noon. We were hungry and tired. We went to check in and they told us our room had been vacated by the previous night people but it hadn’t been cleaned for us yet. They asked if we planned on venturing out in the city. We laughed and said, no we want to sleep. But we decided to go and get lunch to kill time. We wound up eating in the hotel lobby’s restaurant. It was awesome! She took my cell number and said she’d put a rush on our room and once it was available they’d call us. Sure enough, just as we were finishing up lunch the phone rang! Thank God! Did I mention we were exhausted :).

I didn’t take my big Canon Rebel with us, I took PC’s Nikon Point & Shoot so unfortunately I made this shot a little dark but here was our room for the next few days.

Dunno what the deal is, I just feel the need to flash you all again today 😉

We took pictures of the bathroom because this is so how we want our bathroom someday if we ever get to remodel ours!!!

We had a lovely view of the Chicago River out of our 16th floor room!

Once our bags had been brought up to the room, we crashed. We set 4 alarms so we’d be sure to wake up and not miss our nights activity.

My head looks so misshaped in this photo!

We had tickets to see Shrek the Musical!
Front Row tickets to be exact (they were the same price as higher up seats… so heck you’re only on your honeymoon once right!!)

PC had never been to a broadway musical so it was perfect.
And the show was phenomenal!

Once we got back we opted to go to the lobby restaurant again for dinner. I love Mac & cheese but I’m picky on how it tastes as well… Theirs was excellent!!!

When we got back to our room this was waiting for us from the hotel.

Peace, Love & relaxing honeymoons!

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time! We crashed our first day of our honeymoon =)
    I keep trying to talk my husband into going to Chicago with me — any tips to convince him?? =)

  2. Cool! I've only been through Chicago (never stepped outta the airport) but the Mister was born there. We're thinking of going there for our 1yr anniv.

  3. On our honeymoon we drove to a small tourist town in the Rockies (only a couple of hours away) and apparently it was very windy (speaking of the Windy City of Chicago) but we never knew. ; )

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