Girls Lunch Out

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Earlier today my mom answered a text message I sent her and asked if Peanut and I wanted to have lunch with her. Now obviously I’m the only one who could actually eat with her, but Peanut can have a bottle, right?

I had to run a scholarship application back in to the church so when I left the church mom called and asked where I wanted to go. I told her I didn’t care and she suggested we go eat at the Precious Moments restaurant. I said sure. Now a lot of people have heard of Sam Butcher’s Precious Moments figurines and if you haven’t, they are these awesome figurines that Sam Butcher created. Did you know he’s located in Carthage, MO? Kind of cool information I guess :).

When you enter Precious Moments they have free chapel tours. We walked through to the restaurant/café (whatever I should call it) though because we were hungry. The figurine with the girl and the goose is what started the whole thing. I actually have that figurine. When I was a baby my room was done in Precious Moments wallpaper.

Mmmmm food! And it smelled good just walking in! My mom’s friend works out there so after we placed our order we asked if they could call her so that she could formally be introduced to baby girl.

Mom and I both ordered the Turkey & Pesto Aioli Panini. It was a Turkey and Provolone Panini sandwich with sun dried tomatoes and Pesto Aioli. If you don’t know what Aioli is, it’s homemade mayo. We both got a side of chips. Mom went with regular Lays and I went with Mrs. Vickie’s Salt and Vinegar chips. Very good choice in my opinion, obviously :). All I can say is Hello YUM!

Afterwards we decided to head over to the gift shop to look around a bit.

And then we headed home. We should have done a chapel tour because I haven’t done that since I was in my preteens but anyway we didn’t.

Baby girl was on the verge of a breakdown. She was fighting sleep. In fact she’s now asleep on my lap. Have I mentioned I love the little angel?

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