I Like to Eat

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Hahaha that title really explains it all I think. I guess there are those out there who don’t like to eat or don’t like food, but I’m not one of them. I’m not sure how you forget to eat a meal. I’ve not had time before but I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten…

Anyway last weekend my parents asked if we had any plans for dinner. We said no not really so they told us to meet at their house and we’d go to dinner.

The roadways were flooded around here due to all the rain so early afternoon when we all got tired of sitting in the house, we loaded up in the car and went driving around admiring all the flooding. No we didn’t drive through… We aren’t those people, but I saw some of those people.

Toward the end of our drive we planned on driving over to my parents house a bit early when my mom sent me a text and said we should come a few minutes early because dad had something to show us.

Hubby and I looked at each other and said, Dad got a new truck. Yup, sure enough he bought a new truck. And Abug just HAD to drive it…

I took her picture in the front seat and sent that upstairs to dad in a text. He laughed.

Hubby programmed a few things into the truck for dad while I went out and helped mom do chores. (Dad normally does them and I’d have helped him but he’s hurt his leg, please pray it isn’t anything too bad!!). Once we were finished dad, hubby and Tbug got in the truck while mom, Abug and I followed in my car and we headed to the Red Barn Cafe. We’d never eaten there and mom was looking for some place new to try. Hey blog post for me, right?

Our meals all came with a trip to the salad bar. Okay so I don’t like peas, I thought I’d try them for Abug. She didn’t care for them either and spit them out at me. Woops… #foodiefail. The broccoli salad on the other hand… YUM!

Then we had the option of Cornbread or Rolls with Honey Butter. Can you tell which one we chose? These things were ginormous.

Tbug was the odd duckling.. she went with Fried Shrimp. She said they were good and Abug sure approved.

The rest of us went with half a chicken. No I didn’t eat all of it. Yes it was good. The rest went home with mom and dad and the dogs got the bones (because they like bones).

Both of our meals (Tbug and the rest of us) came with choice of potatoes: french fries, baked potato, sweet potato fries or mashed potatoes and choice of Green Beans or Corn on the Cobb.

Between the 5 of us we got all options. Abug loved the Shrimp and Sweet Potato Fries. When she doesn’t like something she just spits it back in my hand. I had chicken, fries, mashed potatoes and green beans spit back into my hands. I’m not sure what her deal was because usually she likes all of that. Anyway Our opinion… YUM!

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