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Picture overload! Jody, her kiddos, my kiddo, and I went to a trunk or treat done by a local hospital. Then there was Halloween. Abug had the best time and this is really the first time she’s gotten the concept of Halloween. She had a bucket, said Trick or Treat, and Thank you. We missed a few of our friends, for that I’m sorry, but now… picture overload :).

And they’re off

Some of the different booths had cute games for the kids. Our three kids did great and waited patiently. Mom here on the other hand got annoyed when people didn’t kid wrangle their own kids or were so spread out you couldn’t tell where the line actually was.

It was so windy that Minnie’s ears wouldn’t stay on. One of the booths had face painting so that worked out perfect. Minnie got her nose and a bow on her forehead.

Abug had never done hopscotch so I helped her through. This is also why it’s excellent to have friends with you… other people to get pictures for you :).

I figured we’d run into Tbug here. Sure enough, just as we were exiting I saw some people in front of me, looked at the costume and thought, that’d be something Tbug would wear. Then I started paying attention to the people and realized it was Tbug.

The night of Halloween we dressed up again once daddy got home, went and visited a few people, ate dinner, and came home. I’m sorry for all our friends we didn’t get visited but waiting for daddy to get home put us on a late start.

While at my FIL’s we ran into my niece. The girls sorta got in for a picture… I’ve not seen those though… I was trying to direct kiddos 🙂

And that was Halloween :).

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