10 Reasons I like to visit Ft. Worth

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In no particular order, here are my reasons for visiting Ft. Worth!

1. The Stockyards, duh! I absolutely LOVE the Stockyards. It’s part of history but it also just fun. Great shopping too! Usually, I buy a purse and a belt here, but this year I have a new purse/camera bag (LOVE) and my mom gave me a belt just before we left, so we were on the hunt for Christmas presents for Tbug.

2. It’s a GREAT place to ride Longhorn steers.

3. It is the place to get dressed in your absolute best!

4. Where else do you find Cowboy Santa? And get your first ever Santa Candy Cane, just saying!

5. Trips to the store and annoying people when you take pictures of things you don’t see back home… btw, who pays $49.99 (even per pound) for Mushrooms?

6. Hello, good food, need I say more?!?!

7. Okay, the real reason for coming down… the NCHA Futurity. Some years we compete down here but not this year. My uncle typically does every year though and he made the finals in the Non-Pro! Woot Woot!

8. Sleeping. If nothing else, we are on vacation so it is time to relax!

9. Definitely, an awesome place to take a family selfie… duh! (Wow, I’ve said duh a lot in this post… I should work on some new words)

10. Watching the horse sales. They are really a lot of fun, especially when you see the prices some people pay. I’d like to have just a quarter of their money!

Bonus: Spending time with all family members down here. (My aunt and uncle who participated in the show and my aunt who lives down here!)

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