Wrapping Presents and other Musings

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To say I’ve been a bit of a scrooge this year might be an understatement. This has been an extremely trying year for my family and I’ve taken it pretty hard… harder than most of the family I think. I wish I knew why… but I don’t. I keep praying for help in understanding. I know things that have happened in the past, now looking back was the best thing that happened, but still…

Anyway usually I’m extremely excited to put the Christmas tree up and I was. I really wanted baby girl to be a part of it but there were other plans… like nap time. I was frustrated. Oh well… life happens, right?

So then I’ve been putting off wrapping presents. Christmas is my favorite time of year but it comes and goes so fast and then you have to wait a whole year for it to come back around. Oh Christmas, where are you? Can you believe it’ll be here next week? NEXT WEEK! So I’ve been putting off wrapping presents hoping I could push it off and keep it going. Hoping I could gain my Christmas spirit I usually have, but I guess I’ve come to the reality that Christmas is coming and I better get a move on with the wrapping of the presents.

Ok one question… So how old does a kid have to be before there are no more Santa presents?

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