Decorating the tree 2014

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A tradition that I’ve tried to keep up with every year that hubby and I have been together is making sure Tbug is included in decorating the tree. Usually I know the demands of every weekend that we have her November and December (her cheer schedule can do a person in sometimes) But my goal is to always have her involved as long as time permits. One year we even decorated the tree the first weekend of November because of her schedule versus ours.

This year we got her Thanksgiving weekend so I said no matter what the tree IS. GOING. UP. THIS. WEEKEND. Otherwise we wouldn’t have her until the weekend before Christmas and that’s unacceptable to put a tree up that late.

So that was what we did first thing Saturday morning. Decorated the tree. Now I wanted baby girl more involved but we started during naptime… so…. this is what she did most of the time. Oh well you win some you lose some.

Tbug was so excited when she heard she had to help find Christmas lights that work. ha! So… the story behind that is earlier this year she spent a couple hours at my parents house going through my dad’s Christmas lights for him. So it’s a big joke with us now. Yes, we have a prelit tree but one set of lights decided not to work so we just strung lights on it to save time.

Every year we add ornaments to our tree. This year we added very few though…
Our trip to Memphis

Baby girl’s first Christmas ornament.

Tbug got to put the first ornament on the tree this year.

Then hubby joined in on the fun!

Just before baby girl went to sleep I wanted her to “hang” her first ornament so hubby woke her up (she was almost asleep. I know bad mommy award here) and she helped him hang up her ornament.

Now typically I unwrap ornaments and pass them out to be put on the tree… but I save back a few ornaments specifically for me to put on the tree. My “goat” ornament is one of those….

And here is the 2014 tree. I think we might need to get a bigger tree. There’s one ornament we got that we didn’t get a picture of… it’s our family ornament. It’s a Chief’s chalkboard that says nice list: Chiefs Fans, everyone else naughty list :). ha!

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