More Tbugisms!!

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Tbug: I’m going to get Junior ribs but I bet they’re not as good as JL’s.

Hubby: We’re talkin’ about Pryor…
Tbug: ooooooooooo JL’s

Hubby:  You can eat the ribs with your fork.
Tbug: Awe, where’s the fun in that dad?

Grandma (my mom): What theme are we going to have for Christmas this year?
Tbug: Red birds!

Ok so some explanations:
JL’s is a rib place that we ate at back in April when we headed to Texas to pick up Squirty.  We’ve eaten there many times but Tbug had only eaten there the once.  On our way home from Texas she asked if we could stop there again.  All anyone has to do is say Pryor and she’s all over it like stink on rice.  She’s even told us we can’t go there without her.

And the red bird thing… It’s a joke around my house.  My parents have a red bird that has pecked on their windows for YEARS!  So my grandma said that red birds mate for life.  The bird comes around when my mom’s home and leaves when her job takes her out of town.  It’s hilarious… so every year we buy her a red bird something.  So there’s the details 🙂

3 thoughts on “More Tbugisms!!

  1. Any kid that loves good ribs is definitely someone to be proud of.

    And your mom had a birdy boyfriend 🙂

    Thanks so much for linking up

  2. Sorry I'm just getting over here now. Life is insane.

    We just learned this summer that Buddy likes ribs. He was pretty excited about them while eating them.

    The red bird story is pretty funny!!

    Thanks for linking up!

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