A Worthy Cause & Giveaway!

Did anyone else realize that it is Tuesday? It sooooooo feels like Monday but I guess that’s because yesterday felt like Sunday to me even though I know Sunday was the day before yesterday because we went to church. Wow, how’s that for a long sentence.

So have you been paying attention to the different events going on around the country? Dang! There’s a 17 year old in NC who killed her 26 day old baby because he was a pain in her backside basically. Then there’s a couple in Maryland who are in the line of fire because they let their kids go to the park. 2 questions…

  1. How has the world changed sooooooo much since we were kids?
  2. That’s how things are here in the US, is it like this around the world?

Anyway, people like Stephanie from In Her Lens give me hope for the way this world is going. She’s going to be shaving her head on March 7th in honor of curing childhood cancer research. Childhood cancer research sadly does not always receive the funding it needs, an issue that needs to be addressed.  To help raise funds Stephanie decided to reach out to a few bloggers (including me) to see if we would donate items for a giveaway.  There is one mandatory entry for the giveaway, and that is donating $5.00.  Which not only goes to an amazing cause, but the giveaway is worth more than $5.00!  In fact, it is worth about $80.00!


5th Annual Review Extravaganza Prize Winners!! #2014RE

The 5th Annual Review Extravaganza is now officially over!

First I would like to thank my co-hosts for all of their work, for recapping with me and helping share the word about this review.   I also want to thank all of you who linked up.  It has been so wonderful meeting new bloggers.  I also have loved seeing the responses and seeing how by recapping and looking at the year  as a whole has helped many realize that with time, things do change and can get better.

2014 Review Extravaganza

First a Big Thanks to all the hosts!   Make sure you are following these ladies if you already aren’t.


The Review Extravaganza is here! – #2014RE

We are so excited to announce the 5th Annual Review Extravaganza!  I cannot believe I have been doing this for 3 years now.  This year there are many new faces for co-hosts and a new group of awesome prizes.

2014 Review Extravaganza

What is the Review Extravaganza

-It is your way to look back over the year and each week recap three months at a time of what happened in your life, your favorite blog posts, favorite pictures- whatever you would like to share. (Here is an example from last year – October-December 2013)

We would like to introduce you to this year’s 9 amazing hosts!


From Top to Bottom-Left to Right:(Click on the names below to get to their blogs)


Red Onion Cafe – Joplin, MO

Hubby and I made plans to go out to dinner Saturday night after I got done with the girls and he was done chopping wood for the house.  I was being pretty wishy washy about even going and didn’t know where I wanted to go or what even sounded good when I just smarted off, Red Onion.  Hubby was like, you know, that sounds good.  I probably haven’t eaten there in 15 years or something.  Yup, he just dated himself. lol.

Red Onion is kind of off the beaten path that we generally run so I never really think of it, but  you want to talk about GOOD food… this is the place!


We Gotsa Winna

First off, if any of my lovely readers are from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area, I hope you are ok and please give me a shout out so I know!  I really care!  I have an aunt that lives in Arlington and friend who lives in Dallas.  Yesterday they were bombarded with terrible storms, in case you didn’t know.  I listened to it all afternoon because we have branches located there and was helping to keep an eye on them, but it allowed me to check up on my aunt & friend also.

I wish you could all be winners.  Unfortunately I don’t have the time to make each and every one of you one of these right now :(.  I know, I suck right, but A&P calls most of my attention away these days.

So anyway, I thought I’d do a tutorial on how you can make your own.  It’s super simple!  No sewing, just cutting (but not your finger) and hot glue.

{Step 1}
I found it easiest to cut my fabric into squares.  I bought fat quarters at Wal-mart for 99cents a piece.  You don’t need that much by far.  And cutting it into strips is how I sliced off the tip of my finger.

{Step 2}
Cut two 1 1/2″ circles out of felt.  I got my felt in squares in the craft area at Wal-mart (sorry that’s where I was) for 23 cents a square.  One was more than enough to do my necklace, Tbug’s headband, this headband and still have some left over.

{Step 3}
Once you have your felt circle, use that as a guide.  Stack up a few fabric squares and cut around the felt circle.  You want your fabric circles to be about 1 1/2″ as well.  It isn’t rocket science though so they don’t have to be perfect.


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I know, not a creative title!  I couldn’t help it!

So for my first give away, I think I had fairly good turn out!  Thank you to all that participated and I just want to know, I wish I could give every one of you a present.  I went and tried out the random.org site.  It is the coolest when coming to this, otherwise I’d have thrown all your names in a hat, but it saved me!