Crazy Weather… Coronavirus Day 47

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I mentioned the other day that the weather has been crazy! Well, that’s no joke. But what’s really interesting is… we haven’t heard a whole lot about tornadoes lately. I’m scared of tornadoes. But they seem to be fairly scarce these days. I can’t help but wonder if they got wind of Coronavirus. haha. There actually was a tornado that hit down south… some people weren’t allowed into a tornado shelter because they didn’t have masks on. That’s not right. But that’s neither here nor there. I wasn’t there, it just made the news. I can’t do anything about it.

We had a tornado hit local here last night though. In fact, in the area near my old house. So after we got the all-clear, we decided we needed some ice cream. We went the LONG way to get ice cream and went to check out the area. If the tornado actually touched down, it was in the middle of a field. 

But then the sky blew up. It was flipping nuts! It looked as though it was absolutely ON FIRE. I’ve never seen such a vibrant orange sky. It was crazy.

With the way this year is headed, I can’t say that anything much surprises me these days.

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