Septic Problems – Coronavirus Day 43 & 44

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I saw this meme and it cracked me up. Seriously… I think my husband kind of feels this way with everything I’ve made him do since this whole quarantine time. I haven’t sat still once. Not once.

That included this weekend, but this weekend’s project wasn’t my idea. It all started last weekend. Let me set the story…

Last weekend I decided to get the weedeater out. It was messed up so I had it sitting on the bed of my truck. My truck was parked about where this trackhoe thing is in the picture below. I stepped in a bunch of water and it smelled like a sewer. Not a good sign. When hubby got home I had him check it out. The next day he called a septic pump to come clean the septic out. We hadn’t done that since we bought the house so we figured it may be full.

They told us we were going to have to do some major work. So long story short, the next septic guy we called to come work on it (not clean it out but work on it) never called us back. So we got to work on the septic. It was fun. 

Now if you live in town, you may not know what a septic tank/system is. City water comes in through pipes and out through pipes and moves on to a facility to be cleaned. In the country where we are on well water, we pump water in from the ground through a well. It stays in our holding tank. We use it and then it goes through a septic tank to filter out and move on. Long story short.

So we spent the weekend taking showers in the camper and trying to use as little water possible until we got the septic issues fixed. Fingers crossed, we got it up and working…

Welcome to the joys of owning your own home!

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