Just Retired Tiered Cake (Vanilla)

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Just Retired Tiered Vanilla Cake

I sure hope you didn’t try to come to my blog last week. I woke up on Wednesday and would have sworn it was April Fool’s Day (by the way, I hate that day). When I came to the blog, it redirected me to some weird website.

It was trying to get me to click on a button to back up my Window’s machine. Well joke’s on them because I don’t have a window’s machine. But whatever. Anyway…

Over the weekend, I was able to knock 2 things off my Baking/Cooking Bucket List. I made a tiered cake which I haven’t done since I took cake decorating classes. And 2, I made a mirror glaze cake.

I had been wanting to do a mirror glaze cake for a while now, but just hadn’t. I was waiting for the right moment.

Retirement Party

Mirror Glass Glaze

Like I mentioned, I’d been wanting to do a mirror glass glaze. It tends to be one of those new fads. There are multiple ways of doing it. One is the glaze over buttercream or some icing of the like. Another is doing it over a jello type thing. Basically, you make the cake, then you put jello or something over the cake, then finish with the mirror glass glaze.

You are looking for a smooth surface. So if you do the buttercream route, you have to make it smooth. You also want your cake cold. Either freeze it until the point just before the cake itself is frozen, or else put it in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour.

When Jody told me what she wanted for her dad’s retirement cake… I thought the mirror glass glaze would look AWESOME for the water. She picked a boat and fishing pole for the top. Heck yeah, it totally needed to be on water.

The Tiered Cake Idea

I went to brainstorming what the cake should and would look like. That’s when I decided on a Tiered Cake. One layer would be the lake, the other would be the land surrounding the lake.

Is this where I mention that they own lake property and her dad will probably spend a lot of time there, fishing?

When you are doing a tiered cake, you need to support the top layer. In this case, I used some heavy duty straws. You can also use dowel rods. They aren’t my favorite though. But if you don’t support the the upper cake in the lower, it could collapse the cake and then you just have a mess.

Another thing to think about is if you need to drive a rod down between each level of cake. I didn’t because I transported it in the individual layers and stacked/finished them on site. I also only went just 1 layer high. More, I might have supported it anyway.

The Party

Here is where I mention that Jody got in T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Why you may ask? Well, because she didn’t have any help setting up. She didn’t call me. And then I came in to a stressed out Jody. I had taken hubby with me. We both told her, tell us what to do and we’ll help. Since we don’t know what your plans are, we can’t help without direction, but we’re here to help.

We helped cut up fruit, make drinks, set up decorations, etc. That’s what friends do. That’s why she’s in trouble. She didn’t ask for help when she needed it. BAM!

But we jumped in to help to the point she even had time to fix her hair.

The Cake

I had to wait on a table cloth. When it got there, I jumped in and finished the cake. She had a boat, fishing pole, bobbers, signs, and fish for the decor. Nope, none of them were edible. That was her responsibility to make sure no one ate something they shouldn’t. Ha!

Guys, I had fun doing this cake. I also added brown sugar to act as sand on the beaches for the lake. It helped cover up a few flaws I found. You’d never have known if I hadn’t said anything.

So the icing, since I didn’t get to taste it. I heard that they tasted anything from cream cheese to coconut flavors. Nope, neither. I used a vanilla cake recipe with vanilla icing.

The cake recipe was one I’d not tried before and I probably won’t use it again. It wasn’t my favorite. It sank in the middle. Not a fan of that and it broke a lot of cake baking rules. I’m okay with throwing the rule book out the door, but I wasn’t impressed either.

Back to the party

Don’t worry, I hear hubby and I got in trouble on Saturday too. We left before Joe could talk to us. Whoops.

Oh… and I also made a dip that is to die for. I’ll share that recipe because YUM!

The Tiered Vanilla Cake with a Buttercream and Mirror Glass Glaze

For the Cake Recipe

For the Vanilla Buttercream Recipe

For the Mirror Glass Glaze Recipe

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