How to: Make a Korker Bow

Every now and then I get a crafty bone in my body… and this summer I thought it would be really fun to make Peanut a bow to wear in her hair. I decided I wanted to make her a multi colored Korker Bow. So I thought I’d take pictures along the way to show you how I did it. Super simple!!

Ok so you’ll need to get:

  • 3/8″ Grosgrain ribbon. I went with multi colored but you can do it all as one if you’d like.
  • Wooden clothes pins or something to secure the ribbon when it goes in the oven
  • Alligator Clips (or barrettes, whatever you plan on securing the bow to)
  • Scissors
  • Dowel Rods
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Fray Stop (optional)
  • Poptart Box (optional)
  • Oven
  • Water
  • Spray Starch (optional)
  • Yarn, elastic cord or embroidery thread.


Repost – Our Story Part 7

Repost from June 30, 2010

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Ok so I think I was way over reacting. So what if he found photos of us… he didn’t say he was swooning over them or anything like that. He said he found photos of us and that was a time. Well heck yeah it was a time; it was a great time; a fabulous time. Calm Down Nicole!
Me: I can’t figure this phone out… I got a new phone yesterday and it’ll allow me to read all inbox messages but yours… Weird!Him: Weird are you using an iPhone?

Me: I am now and it won’t hardly show me your responses. I just got this Monday though. I did have a Pantec Duo.

Him: LOL. Sorry for your troubles… LOL.  Are you using the facebook App or Safari Internet?

Me: I was using the facebook app. sounds like you know about iPhones… In that case does that mean you have one and if so… that would mean you were AT&T right? I could be completely assuming all of this though… but if you have AT&T and you had unlimited texting… that would be so much easier. I don’t think my iPhone wants us to talk… it lets me see everyone’s message they send me through here… geez…

Me: and if not, I guess I’ll use the dial up internet at the house… it’ll make my desktop feel loved. I bought a laptop last Thursday night and I can hardly stay off of it but it isn’t hooked up to the internet unless I’m at a friend’s house.

Yes I’m long winded.  And nervous, bad combination!

Him: my number is……
Oh crap… so now the ball is back in my court… how do I handle this, what do I say, what do I do now. Logical thinking, pick up where I left off or say “Hi” could be good or something, but we all know logic flies out the window in these types of situations. Ok so if I can’t think of “hi” or something a little more creative, think of something clever… something clever, what is clever, hell what is my name… ok think, relax Nicole…  Oh I figured out my name.  Good.  Deep breathes breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out…. Hey, you could text him.  Then he’d have your number.  Finally, a great idea!  The next thing I know the cell phone in my hand starts ringing.Hello Nicole, it’s ringing, this would be where you slide the lever across and answer the phone by saying, “Hello.” I think you learned this in Kindergarten right?  Maybe even before Kindergarten that saying hello answers the phone. Ok Nicole if you don’t answer this it’s going to stop ringing and he’s going to wonder if you gave him a false number. Come on Nicole, answer the phone. Yes somewhere in there I gave him mine but I don’t remember where or how… come to think of it, maybe that was the clever thing I texted him… This is my cell number.


Finally my brain came back and I answered the phone.


“Hey! I didn’t think you were going to answer… I was beginning to wonder.”

“Oh yeah, I had to find my phone.” Duh Nicole that was dumb… you had the dumb thing in your hand, you texted him your cell number…. bright!

“Ah! Well I just figured this would be easier than texting, a lot faster too.”

“Oh definitely!”  Yup, I’m full of clever words.  It finally went somewhere more than just the pleasantries.  


Repost – Our Story Part 6

Repost from June 29, 2010

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{Chapter Six}
Yes the message was from none other than the boy from years ago. The boy who brought back flooding memories…
Him: Long time no see!! How’ve you been??
Me: Definitely. Just working, How about yourself?
Him: SAME working in KY right now for the government!! Fun Fun.  Where you at now??
Me: Wow Kentucky… that’s nuts… oh for now I’m back home with my parents working… in this economy it looks like we are lucky to have jobs. So Married? Kids?
Him: I am divorced with a 6 year old daughter!! You?
Suddenly I felt my heart sink in my chest. A bit of hurt or something, I’m not sure the emotion that came over me. I always said I never wanted to be with a guy who had been married or one who had kids. But wait, me, thinking of being with another guy, just out of a long relationship… was I nuts? Was I losing my mind? I think so… or maybe it is all this lack of sleep!  Yeah that must be my problem. Hell this guy never even said he liked me… A few messages through facebook for the first time in ten years is not a marriage proposal.  Heck it’s not even being asked out on a date or for coffee.   Ok so my problem was definitely sleep deprivation taking its toll on me. MUST GET SLEEP!!!!!
But I continued on chatting through facebook instead:
Me: nope to both. Been dating a guy for 5 1/2 years but that’s on the verge of falling through.
Him: well that sucks. I’m sorry to hear that!! I hope everything works out okay!! Do you have MSN Messenger, it would be easier!!

Me: Nope, and I’m not even sitting at a computer… I’m watching off the phone internet… LOL

Him: LOL I see!!

Me: Although I was actually on a comp earlier when I found you. Gotta love modern technology.

Him: LOL I was on my phone when I got the first message from facebook… LOL

That must be when my exhaustion took over and I fell asleep.


Repost – Our Story Part 5

Repost from June 28, 2010Part 1 Here 
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So from Thursday to Sunday, there really wasn’t anything new that had happened. Still fighting through text messages and on the phone with very very very little phone contact. I went out to dinners with my parents and hung out with my dad all day Saturday and Sunday helping with odds and ends around the house. Saturday night I wound up going to the movies with Kalem & Evelyn just to get out of the house. I needed to. I was going nuts. Oddly enough, I’m not sure I spent that much time there in one sitting. Sunday morning felt weird b/c I didn’t jump out of bed, get dressed and head to his house or his church or anywhere for that matter. I got up from what little sleep I had and watched Friends re-runs and then went downstairs and watched some movie with my parents.

Life sure did seem strange but hey I guess that’s what happens from time to time. You learn to deal with it or else you don’t but I was, slowly but surely and truthfully it had only been what, right at a week so truthfully there isn’t a whole lot of time there, right?
Later that afternoon Kalem & Evelyn said they were going to the J’s house (Jason & Josh, easier to say the J’s) to watch Anime and eat dinner. I’m not super crazy about anime but hey I thought it was another excuse to leave the house so I told them I’d meet them there.
So you remember that awesome post about buying a laptop? It is getting ready to come into play. I hope you read up if you didn’t read the initial post 🙂
Since the J’s live in town and have awesome internet, I thought hey, why not go steal their wi-fi. It beats the dial-up internet at my parents house, that’s for sure! At home I wasn’t used to the fast internet so I had to take the baby out for a spin and see what she could do…
One of my addictions at the time was facebook.


Marshiano’s Olde Time Pizza – Miller, MO

A year and a half ago Hubby and I ate at this restaurant in Miller, MO called Marshiano’s Olde Time Pizza for the first time. (read the first post here) I’m telling you this pizza is awesome and totally worth the drive. If it was in a bigger city they’d have a waiting line to get in, no joke! We asked my parents if they’d like to come meet us for dinner.

We got there before them so we ordered so that when they showed up the food would be ready. We couldn’t have timed that any better either. We got 2 orderes of Fried Green Beans, one regular and one spicy (not all that spicy though!). Chicken Alfredo pizza and a Meat Lovers Pizza. Hello YUM!


Throwback Thursday: 9/11

Do you remember where you were 13 years ago? Holy cow, is it really 13 years ago? It is crazy how time moves on after tragic events that happen. People heal, people move on, but we never forget.

I know where I was. I still remember hearing Tom Brokaw’s voice and that feeling of, you don’t hear him in the mornings unless something is happening bad. I remember walking into Jess’s room and sitting on her bed and looking at the tv just as the 2nd tower was being hit live. Then the emotions that everyone went through. We may be located in the middle of the US, a few plane rides away, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t affected too.

In high school I was in band, I got out before my senior year of high school because I was lazy. The band teacher tried to talk me into staying in and he’d help me get a full ride scholarship to a university. Had I gone to SMS in band like he tried to talk me in to, the SMS band actually marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in November of 2001. I always wanted to go and see the Twin towers but I never got the chance… but I missed out on a second chance of going in November of 2001. I have mixed emotions on that as well…

As a graduation present from college my mom and I went and spent a week in NYC in 2005. One of the destinations I had on our agenda was to go where the twin towers stood. So here are the pictures I took of that area… obviously not all of them because if any of you know me I have a ton! I just got started into digital (plus I had a film camera then) so it made it easy to take an extreme amount of photos…

As I write this post I”m watching CMT’s Throw Back Thursday. It’s crazy to hear all the songs that came out due to 9-11-01. It is also a very surreal feeling that both of my kids will only know 9/11 because of history books. 1-2-03 and 6-26-14.